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Saturday, 17 November 2018

Scary Faeries make helpful friends.

Just Perfectly Snarky

Hi everyone, my name is Rommy. Major thanks to Gina for allowing me to guest blog here today. I’m a fan of how she combines delicately sweet arts and crafts with a strong side of sass. She has an amazing eye for taking random bits, putting them together with her own spin on them to create clever, cute things.
When writing stories I also like to take some tried and true ideas to create something completely new. I’ve gathered seven such short stories in my new collection, The Trouble with Wanting and Other Not-Quite Faery Tales. One of these stories, “Just Perfect”, takes the trope of the kindly, old fairy godmother and stands it on its head. These fairy godmothers might mean well, but that doesn’t stop them from being fiercely competitive mistresses of snark.

Here is a poem I wrote with the protagonist, Matilda, in mind


I wasn't born in silk ruffles.
Sparkles didn't spring
from my first steps.

But I learned,
even when you didn't expect me to,
especially when you didn't want me to.

I ground up your leftover gems,
and pressed the remains
to create my own rebirth stone.

It glitters from the center
of the reclaimed crown
I earned- though you tried your worst
to keep it from me.

Have you ever created something fabulous and new from left over bits? Tell me about it for a chance to win the e-book. The contest closes on November 25th midnight EST. The winner will be selected by me and announced on the 26th back on my blog. Gina will also add the name of the winner to this post. Good luck!

The Trouble with Wanting and Other Not-Quite Faerie Tales is available for purchase on Amazon (AmazonUK) and Barnes & Noble.

Cover art by Michelle Kennedy. Find her on her BLOG and INSTAGRAM

Hope you enjoyed Rommy's post :D She is an awesome story teller and well worth a read.
Couldn't  leave without sharing an old photo of myself  that Rommy's poem brought to mind
the scariest Faerie Godmother/Aunty on the planet hahahahaha :D
Enjoy XXX

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Finding time...

Really struggling to grab my Arting time
lately, but I am fighting back!
Have signed up for my very first Life Book course
with Tamara Laporte next year (come on January!!)
Tam recently headed a short summit to introduce some of the 
teachers for 2019 and Pamela Vosseller has a collection
of free classes...this piece I created after watching her 
"Crave" video.
 Obviously I can't list all the techniques...
 as that would be impolite...
 even from a free class...
 but I loved every minute of the process.
 Doodling can be so restful :D
The word stamps are from 
(very cheap at the moment for a large text)
Enjoy XXX
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Thursday, 1 November 2018

Faded Memories or Bright New Experiences...

Whichever way you look at them, the things you put into
 a handmade journal stay with you longer.

My November project for

CD Journal

Moving things outside meant I came across a lot of old projects
that never got finished.
 One was a CD journal(maybe 10 years ago??)
I only had the 3 panels, so I set about making pages 
for it using scrap watercolour papers
 (just drawing round the cd and cutting out)
 Next a collected a few patterned paper scraps to
rip up and add interest by gluing onto the back
 of the watercolour pages...
 and gessoed both sides for future use. 
I also cut out 4 circles of lush Vintage paper
(again only £3 for a 12 x 12 pad from The Works)
to recover the cds. I set aside the cd with the butterfly
 on for future use.
 Once dry I threaded all the pieces onto a ring...
 the inside pages all ready to be worked on.
 For the front cover I printed out some 
inspirational words and glued on, before using
 Posca paint pens to make them stand out more.
 As you can see, I couldn't resist some random stamping
 on the pages :D
and a few strands of ribbon for added charm.

If you don't like getting messy (like I do) you could simply cut 
circles from the different  papers in the pad you are using...
double sided would work best as they are thicker and stronger :D
Enjoy XXX

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Thursday, 25 October 2018

If you go down to the woods tonight.....

Beware of the Black-eyed boys....

Haven't had time to blog for ages so thought a bit of a 
creepy treat on the run up to 
Remember this cute little chap Gabriel ?
 Well he had an unfortunate accident while
playing in the woods....
 the Doctor tried his best, but
 infections are hard to predict...
Gabriel struggled with the infection
(though some suspected there may have been
other forces at work)
 and he finally succumbed .
Maybe you will see him...
playing in the woods this Halloween
Maybe he will play with you?
enjoy XXX

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