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29 Faces for September 2013

My aim this time round was to work with biro pen sketches and oil pastels(and self portraits with a mirror)

01 cheap oil pastel
02 cheap oil pastel
03 cheap oil pastel
04 cheap oil pastel
05 cheap oil pastel
06 biro sketch

 07 biro sketch
 08 biro sketch
09 biro sketch
10 studies in pencil
 11 biro sketch
 12 biro sketch
 13 biro sketch
14 biro sketch
15 Pentel oil pastels
 16 biro sketch
17 Pentel oil pastels
18 ink and pencil crayon
19 biro sketch
20 Pentel oil pastels
21 chalk pastels
 22 biro sketch
23 biro sketch
24 Portfolio oil pastels
25 Portfolio oil pastels
 26 biro sketch
27/28/29 biro sketches


  1. All wonderful and so varied. Congratulations on achieving the 29. It hasn't been easy for any of us, but it has been so great to see the individual style of the work that has been done on the challenge. I love all yours.

  2. Congrats Gina! Great collection and love the variety of faces and mediums you used :) I 'almost' finished mine, I posted a heap in one job lot LOL I think I will add a couple of Oct faces to make up the 29". Mangamem (my eldest babe) got her 29 finished on time and she is doing uni and works part time so I can't use any excuse outside of slack-arseness in not completing mine LOL! Ahh, next time :)