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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Soothing space for a chaotic crafty mind...

In my previous post I mentioned that
I had been approached by a Craft company
with regard to reviewing some of their product...
So how gobsmacked was I when it turned out to be
 They sent me their "new format" magazine
and a selection of ink pads and card stock.
(which I will review in a separate post)

For today I am reviewing the magazine itself...

Being a methodical person, I began making notes
about the magazine starting with the 
quality and appearance.....
First impression? ... 
EVERYTHING about this magazine screams "QUALITY"
The free gifts included are all individually packaged,
and would make great little presents for Crafty friends.
(but at only £8.99 you could happily gift them the whole magazine)
With it's thick glossy cover, the magazine feels more like
 a "coffee table" book and is a joy to flick through.
Sometimes magazine covers can be overly cluttered, yet 
Hunkydory seems to have found a lovely balance between
"neat and tidy" and enough information to catch your 
I find the whole look and feel very "inviting"

Next I turned to the contents page, which has a wonderfully clear 
layout, who's titled groupings make it so easy to find the 
projects/articles you are most interested in.
(This is where the criss-cross line appears in my notes)
You see, I was so drawn into the articles that I stopped 
making notes at all !
Instead I spent  a peaceful hour grazing the pages,
ooowing and aaawing from one project to the next,
making a mental shopping list.
I also realised I had chosen 3 card projects I wanted to make
...all for the same person lol

All in all(and I live a very hectic life) I can't remember
the last time I just sat and browsed a magazine, and this
one certainly left me feeling inspired and relaxed rather
than bombarded with ads and sales talk.

So ...which project to try first?
Obviously I want to use the free gifts...
contents page says;
 page 10 "to make the most of your free gifts"
and there are 6 pages of inspiration at your fingertips!
"Little Book of Notes" is just calling to me :D

(short time later)
 There was actually an error in the instructions for 
this project on page 13. 
Should read  * 1...score at 2" and 2 1/2 "*
 not 1" and 1 1/2"
 but the accompanying photos made it easy to spot.
 The free Notelet Die cut cleanly every time !!!
The stamps are very "usable" and I can see them 
making regular appearances in my mixed media
( Mini love note booklet for Hubby)

The "Loving Typing" project(page 11) makes
a greetings card that was easily "tweaked" to 
suit a friend :D

and both projects were made using the gorgeous 
"Card making kit" that comes with the magazine !

My humble opinion on this magazine?...
Fabulous buy! 
Well worth the price, and very enjoyable
to read/look at/ stroke.... it even smells good :D

Hope you enjoyed this post
I would like to share in the
following challenges;
"Haunt It!" card;

Mini Lovenote booklet;

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Arty update...

Still loving Life Book 2019 with 
Tamara Laporte and friends :D

 "Celebration Bird"

 "Reaching for the Stars" with Lucy Brydon

 "Super Me"

and still playing at the 
EverAfter 2017 workshop

"Glinda" with Tiare Smith

"Fox and Hound" with Micki Wilde

"Persephone" with Ivy Newport

I think Aqua/Turquoise/Teal is definitely
 my defining colour for 2019, but then I 
have always seen "blue skies" as my happy place :D

Oh and on stranger news...I got an email
 claiming to be from a craft company, who liked
my blog and was I interested in doing a review 
on their products? 
Now usually I just bin such emails...but I checked 
this one out, and it was real!!!
They sent me their magazine and some goodies and 
I look forward to sharing them with you shortly :D

Hope you are all well
Enjoy XXX

Friday, 1 February 2019

Classic Card

My February project for

Haven't made a card since Christmas lol
So for my "very grown up" 8 year old niece
(who is an avid Harry Potter fan) , I wanted
to make something classically Magical :D
 Graphics 45 "Enchanted Forest" collection are the 
perfect papers for that "ethereal" feel...
and the addition of micro beads gives just 
enough "bling" for a classic look . 
(Close up of the yumminess that is Graphic 45)

Inside I made a pocket with another topper
to put money in....
I know it seems a little young for cash, but
here only request was to go to the Harry Potter
shop in a nearby city.
Gotta love a girl who knows exactly what she wants :D
Enjoy XXX

I would like to share this card in the following challenges;

Friday, 18 January 2019

Life at full steam....

Well I've certainly hit the ground running for 2019 lol
Thoroughly enjoying 
with Tamara Laporte and friends

Here are my first few "pages", having
chosen my "greens and blues" colour palette 
 "Balance + Fluidity= Fulfilment"
as my theme for the year :D

 Being me, my Lotus turned into a Jellyfsh...
 my Art Angel is trying to fly away...
 my Unicorn wanted more pointy bits lol...
 and my "Garedn of Possibilities"
 (with Annameika Hopps-Davidson)
 insisted on adding Pink!

Between weekly lessons I sometimes NEED more...
so I am also working through 
which I treated myself to in the winter sale :D
This is my Witch from the 
"Hansel and Gretel" 
session with Sarah Trumpp...
*love her style*
So this is how I intend spending 2019...
saving my sanity while running myself
ragged after 3 grown manthings
*just how many pairs of socks do men need????*

Hope your year has started well too.
Enjoy XXX