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Sunday, 9 September 2018

Busy busy busy...

Can't remember how much I've shared since finishing the retreat
 and working on another *couple* of e-courses by
Tamara Laporte...
so here are some bits I've been creating :)
 Angel in style of Mucha...
 Goddess in style of Klimt...
 my own firsts Whimsy character "Amy"
 Zendalas "Belief"...and "Fruitfulness"

all done while transferring my art supplies 
from spare room to outside shed*still in progress*
to make room for a friend of Youngest's who has
been having bad family experience....
Come on Lottery, I need an extension lol

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Old Envelope Journaling

My September Project for 
A Concertina Envelope folder :D

I found a stash of DL envelopes that I have had since
WAAAAAY back, and was going to throw them into
the recycling bin as all the glue was perished...
but then I remembered a technique*also from WAAAAY back*
sorted them into sizes and....
glued them all together by their tabs.
They all fold neatly together leaving a tab/flap to use as a closure :D
Next to decorate *which also strengthens* by cutting
panels of patterned paper(by Brenda Pinnock), dipping them in
 watery white acrylic and over-stamping each piece before gluing on.
I decided to match up the panels on the reverse...
and then coloured the visible edges of the envelopes
with a Cinnamon ProMarker...
I love the faded grunginess :)
Before adding paper to the closure tab I glued a piece
 of cord in place to act as a fastener.
Just a few embellishments and it is ready to store
tall thin art pieces *which I now have to make, so win win!*

Enjoy :D XXX
I would like to enter this piece for the following Challenges;

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Obsessive much?

So on retreat I was encouraged to try "Mandala" and "Zendala" art...
I struggle with black on white as it gives me headache, but in for a 
penny as they say. No point in joining something if your not going
to at least try ...
"Zendala" art with Sacil Armstrong....
 "Mandala" with Jane Sneddon-Peever
 and this is how they look in my journal :D
 ...and then I was hooked lol
so I made "Passion in Flower"
trying out colours...and am currently working on another...
A great art form to work on when you don't have time for 
larger messier projects :D
Enjoy XXX

I would like to share with the following Challenges;
(Passion in Flower Zendala)

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Still breathing....

Just a nod to say I am still here lol.
Totally engrossed in the
"as normal as it gets" service will resume
around the 25th(ish)
In the meantime a few little peeks at
my journal so far...
I'd bought these albums for £2 each on sale
 to use as journals, and decided to use the black one
for this course.
 Collaged cover...
 not quite in full bloom yet...
 meeting my Hermit in the Forest...
 Who inspires me...
 Message through meditation...
 remember your never to old to have fun...
 meeting my Spirit guide...
 acknowledgement of self.

Not all the sessions involve art, but
 that is how I remember the lessons being taught,
and I will have a gorgeous book when I'm done :D

Enjoy :D XXX