Monday, 8 March 2021

I don't do Birthdays...

I am always so grateful for the reminder
once a year
that I have met so many amazing people
through my blogging days.
You all make me feel like "this"
Every day!
Thank you

*Collage page with Pian Rom for LB2021*

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Keeping this Happy Place alive


Just sharing some of my favourite pieces from 
the Kaleidoscope course at 

Visiting Venice
Queen of Yellow
We are the Children
The Elephant and the Dream
Working with an uncomfortable colour.

I've finished the course now, but loved every
second of it, and have a love for colour
I  hadn't had before.
Enjoy XXX

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Testing new blogger with art

Well that took longer than necessary to 
get it to let me write anything!
And it doesn't seem to want to let me add labels?
The following images are art pieces I've made
 during the 1st 2 months of 

I've heard the picture quality is lower than

previous versions so lets see <3

Blessed Mabon to all.

I hope you all receive the Harvest you desire


Edit: Found label maker :D


Monday, 6 July 2020

Not the best photo in the world....

BUT definitely the best photo in My World...
 Got my Grandbaby, 25th June :D :D :D
(and yes I was soaked in sanitizer gel)

To keep me sane while waiting I took part in 
Kaleidoscope Taster week with Tamara Laporte.
One of the classes was about "Analogous" colour
schemes and we painted a "Mighty Lion"
 I enjoyed the process so much it is currently my 
Painting meditation each morning...
now meet
"Beautiful Bush Baby"
 "Delightful Donkey"
 "Elegant Elephant"
 "Gentle Giraffe"
 " Opulent Okapi"
 "Pretty Platypus"
 "Zany Zebra"
 and yes I am going to have a full alphabet by the time
 the full course begins in August :)

also this week I have had the company of
 this stunning "Old Lady" moth in my art shed...

so I am totally in a "happy place" right now.
Hope you all are too XXX