Monday, 16 March 2020

Blogging failure....

I really haven't done any crafting/writing or
panting since November...
I have done loads of knitting though (but can't show yet)
I did manage to get out and plant a few seeds
 in a lull between storms during Imbolc...
and Nature never let's me down :D

 Spinach seedlings coming on strong...
Kale kicking off beautifully...

 Spring daffs, planted by hubby...
 all came up while we weren't looking.
 and just today, on the run up to 

Stay safe and stay healthy.

Friday, 6 December 2019

Being busy is a good thing...

At least it means when I remember to blog I
will have something to show you lol :D
Obviously the time of year dictates why I 
am busy....
made loads of christmas cards to send...
didn't take any photos doh!
Made 3 lots of preserves
( a few bottles of Crabapple brandy and 
Blackcurrant Gin nom)
 but mostly we have been redecorating.
Our sitting room now has a proper
fireplace (though the fire isn't "plumbed in yet")
 I bought some flickering fake candles to 
give it a cosy feel for now :D
The internal brickwork is original 
but the rest is wallpaper.
Not a bad match really :D

enjoy, stay warm and see you 

Friday, 15 November 2019

Changes for the better...

This is the "Sacred Self Care" art doll I made for a 
LifeBook 2019 class with
Tamara Laporte.
(this class can now be bought individually)
She showed us how to work with clay
(but I decided to embrace my impatience)
and used a "Russian doll" for my base.
 I have had this set for year and don't really
do "Father Christmas"....
 I sanded each one and coated with white gesso...
 then black gesso as I was going to use them 
for a "darker" project.
 I can't go through the "re-decorating" process as 
it is a paid for class....
 but I think you might enjoy a few close-ups
 as she is subtley sparkly
 and I still have 4 little gems waiting for rebirth.

Enjoy XXX

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

New Year Reboot

So...4 months away from Blogland
 and I was considering just letting the Blog die
 a natural death as I wasn't feeling the need to
post at all.
But death doesn't mean the end of something,
it can also mean I guess I will just 
do a revamp and make this space more just for me
(though visitors are always welcome)
For now I will share some of the art work I 
have been making along with Life Book 2019

 (I totally love this moon Goddess piece)
with Tiare Smith

 (a certain Darkness is needed to see the Stars)
with Tamara Laporte

with Melanie Rivers

 (Inner Anchor)
with Donna Downey

 (Archangel Michael)
with Muriel Stegers

 (Wisdom of the Woods)
with Laly Mille

 and this gorgeous "Self care" art doll
with Tamara Laporte....
to remind me that life can be a joyful place :D
So I will be around to visit folks soon
Stay Safe and Well as the Wheel turns again.

Enjoy XXX