Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Testing new blogger with art

Well that took longer than necessary to 
get it to let me write anything!
And it doesn't seem to want to let me add labels?
The following images are art pieces I've made
 during the 1st 2 months of 

I've heard the picture quality is lower than

previous versions so lets see <3

Blessed Mabon to all.

I hope you all receive the Harvest you desire


Edit: Found label maker :D


Monday, 6 July 2020

Not the best photo in the world....

BUT definitely the best photo in My World...
 Got my Grandbaby, 25th June :D :D :D
(and yes I was soaked in sanitizer gel)

To keep me sane while waiting I took part in 
Kaleidoscope Taster week with Tamara Laporte.
One of the classes was about "Analogous" colour
schemes and we painted a "Mighty Lion"
 I enjoyed the process so much it is currently my 
Painting meditation each morning...
now meet
"Beautiful Bush Baby"
 "Delightful Donkey"
 "Elegant Elephant"
 "Gentle Giraffe"
 " Opulent Okapi"
 "Pretty Platypus"
 "Zany Zebra"
 and yes I am going to have a full alphabet by the time
 the full course begins in August :)

also this week I have had the company of
 this stunning "Old Lady" moth in my art shed...

so I am totally in a "happy place" right now.
Hope you all are too XXX

Monday, 15 June 2020

Climbing a Summit...

Well that 3 weeks just flew by!!!
I was feeling the need to get back to painting for 
a while, and a free summit appeared so I signed up 
and have been happily playing in my own world. 
(Lot of photo's so I'll just list them 
and name the person who inspired )

 "In the Beginning"
 with Alexis Cohen

 "I am here to catch you" 
with Shiloh Sophia McCloud

 (Sketch in my notebook while listening to
Amber Bonnici)

 "Be Free" 
with Tamara Laporte

 (a background I painted while listening to
Albert Flynn DeSilver)

"Let Go Goddess"
 with Christa Forrest

with Andrea Gommel

With Beth Osmer and Freya Whitney
(worked over earlier background piece)

 "Moving Forward"
with Christina Miglino and Stephanie Ignazio

with Paula Tursi

with Jeanine Staples

with Benjamin Bernstein

with Angela Blaha

"New Beginning"
with Alexis Cohen

Though some of these pieces were specifically art classes,
 most were just interviews with very interesting people who
were sharing their personal "connection" with Spirit energy
in their creative practices. I found it all fascinating, and am 
left feeling full of ideas for even more pieces.
The lesson I learned most was "Trust". Trust yourself
and your feelings. Trust your own abilities. Trust your
Higher self/Spirit Guides/Goddesses etc and be open to 
the messages they are sending you. AND
Don't be afraid to ask for help!!!
So now I am off to rework a big canvas that was 
nagging at me since I abandoned it last year, because this year 
I am all about "Completion" 

Enjoy XXX

Sunday, 24 May 2020

It's not's mindfulness

With Hubby coming and going, and Junior a tad more
 stressy than even he is used to, Arting has been near
Fortunately I was invited to join a FB group set up by 
a digi artist friend (Dezinaworld) who has been sharing 
collections with us to play with.
Here are a few of  my endeavours :D

Sometimes we start with a colour palette...

other times a single word


and sometimes I just play with my imagination :)

Now I know some people don't consider digi manipulation
but having tried to make my own png's I am in awe of
the skill and time required to produce a single image.
So if you like making collage pieces in the real world
you will enjoy digi collage too.
After all, anything to pass time during lockdown  has
got to be helpful...and you can always print them out to
use as physical collage sheets later.
Like this journal cover I started (got a day in my shed)
Stay Safe, but Stay Sane!
Enjoy XXX