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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Still breathing....

Just a nod to say I am still here lol.
Totally engrossed in the
"as normal as it gets" service will resume
around the 25th(ish)
In the meantime a few little peeks at
my journal so far...
I'd bought these albums for £2 each on sale
 to use as journals, and decided to use the black one
for this course.
 Collaged cover...
 not quite in full bloom yet...
 meeting my Hermit in the Forest...
 Who inspires me...
 Message through meditation...
 remember your never to old to have fun...
 meeting my Spirit guide...
 acknowledgement of self.

Not all the sessions involve art, but
 that is how I remember the lessons being taught,
and I will have a gorgeous book when I'm done :D

Enjoy :D XXX

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Restoring ME...

Trying to reassert my own Spirituality I have signed up
for a free online retreat
which starts Saturday.
 Desperate to update my alter space I decided to 
start by revamping my Goddess Triptych ...
 The images *which I still love* were looking a bit drab
and low energy(much like myself)...
 So time to make new art infused with new energy!
 Spritzed the panels with colours for each incarnation...
then "found" my Goddess in each one.
 Started building up the images using paint and pencils...
 and added a little definition with black and white pens.

The Maiden- fresh, clean and eager to learn...
 The Mother- no thought for herself, hardworking,
loving and caring.
 The Crone- everwatching, wise and strong.
A guiding light in the darkest days.
I may add more detail to each panel as I
discover new things about me during the 
Enjoy XXX

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

My little book of ME

Week 2 of Tam's ART, HEART and HEALING e-course(free)
she showed us how to alter a board book to use as an art journal.
*was Little Red Riding Hood*
 Got this one from The Works for £1 and it has lots of pages
so I can do lots of moments from my life that made me who
I am today *and I quite like me so that's cool*
 These books always have shiny "wipeclean" pages
so it is important to create a surface things can cling to...
I used matt medium and book pages, 
followed by a thin coat of gesso.
 Then to decorate the cover.
I'm enjoying the bright flowers in my garden at 
the moment, so went with a fiery orange from
the Day lilies (not a colour I often use*
and then "worked" on a photo of ME that makes me smile
*as suggested in the class*
I like how penetrating my eyes are...(cws)
and how "determined" I look :D
because I am nothing if not "determined".
Enjoy XXX

I would like to share this project in the following challenges;

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Flowers for the MIL

Welcome to 
(Always Anything goes MUST use patterned papers)

My project is a Birthday card for my MIL
who will be 87 years of age this month.
She loves her roses, and flowers are always on option
on anything I make for her :D
This card is made using the "Summer Posy Collection"
The paper/ribbon flowers are from my stash :)

I would like to enter this card for the following challenges;