Thursday, 17 March 2022

My latest obsession ...

 I am absolutely loving taking part in this years 
PYH&S course.
Here are a few more pieces I've done in 
my sketchbook...
Acrylic roomscape with 
Kat Hamilton

Imagined Portrait(in oils) with
Shannon Richardson

mixed media "telling a visual story"
with Pamela Vosseller

Art desk doll
with Le Anne Hahn-Washburn

and then there are my "Elfies"
This is my second piece inspired by 
one of the hundreds of photos I have
of my Grandbaby lol

and this is number one in what I am expecting 
will become a life-long obsession XXX

Wednesday, 2 March 2022

The art of "Elfies"

Still a WIP, but I wanted to share the art of 

Starting with watercolour splodginess...

working over with coloured pencils,
and a touch of acrylic paint...

deepening the shadows and intensifying colours...

before adding all the little details.

I just love watching my creation grow.
Enjoy XXX


Thursday, 3 February 2022

While I'm here...


I joined an art course this year that I've admired for a 

while now called


with Olga Furman


and I am LOVING it!!!

We are on week 5 now and I have been honoured to

receive "Artist of the week" TWICE :D

These are the pieces 

(with Tony Thieren)

(with Mitra Woodhall)

Looking forward to a productive 2022
Enjoy XXX


Tuesday, 1 February 2022

Waking to the Light

 Blessed Imbolc 

A time of renewal,
 of starting things afresh
and today I took time to meditate 
on my guides for 2022.

Last year I called upon Sekhmet, 
goddess of Plagues and Healing 
(and she didn't let me down for a moment)
I take this opportunity to give her thanks.

Whilst joining in with an Imbolc service
performed at the Chalice Well, I joyfully
received knowledge of my totem/guide.
The Nuthatch 
Such a powerful totem, who took me on a journey
from tree top to deep beneath the earth, grounding me 
in the moment, to watch the maiden rise from the mud.
I am filled with joy and hope for the coming year.

With this feisty little warrior to guide my steps
how could I not be.

I hope you all find such helpful guides in your lives.

Blessed Be