Sketchbook world tour 2012

 As a child you played in meadows, walking miles, no use for car...just water and some biscuits, cos it's summer where you are!

 Hoping to travel around the world, like your favourite movie star...

 building muscles fit to swing through trees, cos it's jungle where you are!

 Taking chances when they come your way, your following a star.....cross the heavens to the land of sun, cos it's shining where you are!

 Teaching us to love this world, watching life within a appreciate the little things, cos it's a classroom where you are!

 Unhappy in a crowded place, you'd walk us oh so far.....

 to find a spot without a trace.... of motorbike or car!

 When to play...and when to rest...and not to wound or scar...

 to watch the bird upon the nest.....cos it's peaceful where you are!

                                 Though your grave is cold and this book you'll travel far....cos one thing I know for certain....
It's Summer Where You Are!!!
The name of my sketchbook for the 2012 world tour is "It's Summer Where You Are!"
Being classified as a pagan/wiccan, I believe that when we leave this world we go to a place called the Summer Lands. A place of sun warmed meadows, blue skies, get the picture right. So this is where I "see" my dad(who died last november)
During his life he spent most of his time finding his place in the sun :D, even booking us all on the £10 package trip to Australia in the 60's  
(this bit should have been at the top, but I couldn't get it to stick :D )

This book is dedicated to all those great dads that may or may not be here to hug. Love as always XXX


  1. Oh Gina this is such a beautiful and heartwarming tribute to your father.. hugs ❤️

  2. I came over to Australia in 1966 with my wife and two littlies then added an Aussie baby a couple of years later. This is a most wonderful record of your father Gina and a beautiful presentation.

    1. I just joined an FB page for Bradfield Migrant camp Sydney. So many memories shared XXX

  3. This is such a beautiful tribute to your dad. Your words and art accompanying the pictures are so amazing.

  4. What a wonderful tribute sketchbook, Gina, and super photos of your Dad to go along with the pages! x