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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Dark love...part 07

Spread #07 of my Octagonal Poem Journal
and newest image for Ayala Arts June Guys challenge :D
Ink line drawing...

Adding soft colour pencil...

a touch of inktense black pencil to help with blending...

add water :D

Dry and blend further with distress inks and sponge...
"The gauntlet thrown, the challenge taken.
His human guise she has mistaken.
No mere mortal beast she's taken in,
but flash of fang in Daemon's grin."

I likey this pic :[ )
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Brilliant!! This is getting exciting....:)
    Hugs xx

  2. This one is my favourite sexy...he can bite my neck any day!

  3. I can read his face....this is stunning Gina! love the little bee on her shoulder ♥

  4. Yep I likey too ;)
    It's a strong and potent image.
    xoxo Sioux
    I always rather fancied the Count (aka Christopher Lee) biting my neck!! ROFL

  5. I love the fact that his eyes are closed in trust or perhaps confidence, but it doesn't matter, in the end he just look sooo sexy ;-)

    And your words, my Gina, yum!

  6. oh my good golly gosh! I love this! Wow wow wow!

  7. very clever, reminds me of Edward (think I would be taken in completely. Why is it I find the whole vampire thing romantic? and yet if they were real there is nothing romantic about them really is there? cool poem to Dxx

  8. Oh Gina!!!! I know I can't have this drawing and the verse, but I want them both! So sexy! Well done!!!