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Friday, 15 June 2012

Lady Ophelia's romantic notions

First I would like to share my book page and postcard for Poland, which I didn't get finished in time last week :D
You can find the story here

Week 24 of Darcy's Postcard Challenge finds Lady Ophelia in ITALY
there is no official flower for Italy. Though many people use a white Lilly, the Cyclamen and white Daisies are also commonly used. I have chosen to use Cyclamen.

" Dearest Lillian,
I hope you don't mind, but I asked Richard about Mr Harrup, as I have not met the gentleman. I am happy to "report back" that Richard holds Mr Harrup in very high regard, considering him to be a most reliable and thoroughly honest person. I am quite giddy with your exciting news. It had never occurred to me that a Governess would not be allowed to have gentleman callers. I will certainly make my child's Governess aware that, should she desire to make an "acquaintance", it would be her right to do so. Provided Richard approves of him. of course.
We are in Italy as I write this. I wanted to go to Venice, the city of romance, but Richard says he will take me there as a gift after the baby arrives. Instead we are in Rome. A most fascinating place. Miss Francesca and I went to visit the excavation of the old city. Every one was so impressed, but it just looked like a pile of  old rubble to me.
Oh! I just had the most fabulous idea! If things progress nicely between yourself and Mr Harrup, you could both go with Richard and myself on our trip to Venice!
affectionately yours, Ophelia xxx"

" My Darling Ophelia,
You do make me laugh so. I hardly think Sir Richard would appreciate our company on your romantic holiday. So glad Sir Richard approves of Marcus. Yes we are on first name terms. After attending church on Sunday, we took a picnic to the bottom meadow. Marcus taught me about his love of nature, and I read poetry to him. A most pleasurable experience. He has called on me every evening, just to chat, and join me for a cup of tea you understand. Nothing improper, but I do get a little flushed at the thought of his imminent arrival. I can hardly wait to introduce you to him. I know it all must seem a little rushed, but I am no spring chicken, and I have known him for many years as a fellow employee on the estate. I can not help feeling it would be rather nice to have a man around the house.
your ever faithful friend Lillian xxx"

My page shows St Peter's Square 1895, King Humberto II of Italy, and the excavated ancient city of Rome 1895.
     Hopefully I'll be more organised next week lol
Enjoy :D XXX



  1. Love your artwork for both Poland and Italy. Love the way the story is developing too.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. off to read the Polish episode...somehow missed it!

  2. It's awesome to rad their adventures. :) Great postcard!

  3. I hope you know you are one of the souls that made me want to paint things visually. You rock!

  4. Fabulous story and wonderful artwork. A real treat on a Friday!

    Janet xx

  5. Well done as always, Gina. Your florals are spectacular (and I'm enjoying your storyline as well.) You're all caught up???

  6. Lovely cards for Poland and Italy. I wish someone would invite me to tag along to Venice, I think I would pack straightaway! Valerie

  7. I like the composition on Poland.

  8. Well done for both...I'm loving the postcards I have seen so far & I bet I love the rest too.... I think this smile has become a permanent fixture on my face ;-)

  9. so great pages, but I totally like the poland-one with the mineral-water-source, the two amazing cards (werer do you get all this stuff?) and the poppie-envelope!

    1. I steal from the internet Conny :D, but the flowers I draw :D

  10. Great story Gina love the postcards too. My fav is the cyclamen, beautiful work. Hugs Lynne xx

  11. ohhhhhhh romance....I am so happy for her. ...sigh...

  12. Fantastic - your envelopes are wonderful.

  13. Wonderful artwork! Thanks so much for joining us at Anything Goes this week, hope to see you again soon x

  14. Love is in the air, all around ;o) Great story for Magaly's party ;o)

  15. goodgosh, i adore this type of romantic
    stuff: postcards and letters and scraps
    of longing and friendship.

  16. Absolutely stunning art, very pretty, thanks for joining our challenge at Anything Goes, hope to see you again soon, Gaynor DT xx

  17. Gina once again aMaZing work on the flowers for both countries! Oh the storyline is coming along nicely too.

  18. Two great postcards..beautiful flowers,and a great story as well....

  19. Love the flowers and the story. How lovely that Lillian has found romance too. So enjoy visiting you each week.
    Jen x