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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Dark Love...part 6

Spread # 6 of my Octagonal Poem Journal, which I keep forgetting to link to Journal Journeys Challenge 9: Torn Paper. All the drawings in this journal are torn and distressed desk diary pages :D

You may have noticed that the protagonists in my poem are becoming more "real" as the journal advances, this is deliberate on my part, as I want to illustrate how we become more aware of them as we get more emotionally involved in their plight :) (well that's how I think about it :D)



The pupils bring the face to life

Soft coloured pencil

blended slightly with water

Blended and softened with distress inks

" I dare you" softly spoke her eyes.
Softer smile her strength belies.
Her sultry gaze reflects his fire,
Invites him to his funeral pyre"

Enjoy :D XXX



  1. I am intrigued as to how this story will pan out ;)
    xoxo Sioux
    P.S. That's my next big add colour to the faces I've been doing!!! But not just yet ;) LOL

  2. Love part 6...I too am intrigued as to the ending.
    Hugs xx

  3. Another fabulous page and a beautiful face.

  4. she is gorgeous -


  5. Nice image, yes, this look and very seductive and interesting.

  6. She is beautiful! Her eyes, suck you in! This is getting good ;o)

  7. You are amazing, Gina. I love the hot darkness of this story. The intensity of every character's eyes...

    And I'm right with you in the getting to know your characters and falling for them as you get more involved with their desires. When I write a first draft, the characters are just that; in the second draft they are alive in my story, by the time I have many pages and the story is beginning to take shape, the characters are alive.

    1. Thanks Magaly :D your opinion on my writing is especially important to me :D I always loved writing at school, and wrote a very dark piece that got read out in class when I was 14...they all thought one of the "naughty" boys had written it lol :D

  8. Such a seductive temptress! I love your writing, I want to try writing poetry again and you are inspiring me to stop thinking about it and just do it.