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Monday, 1 February 2010

Why we take holiday snaps...

Every time I go out with my family I take a camera. When we get home I download the pics onto my computer. They stay there for ages until boredom drives my to browsing one day and "Hey Presto" a new page is born!
A simple layout of layered contrasting papers (Brenda Pinnock again) with the addition of a couple of homemade flowers. I can't afford lots of punches, so to make these flowers simply draw circles in various sizes( I used 3 different sized storage pots to draw around), mark the centres, mark each circle in 5 segments (like slices of cake) and draw a heart shape in filling each segment. And you end up with a Tudor rose effect. I used sraps of paper to practice on before making them with the papers to match my page. Oh, remember to draw on the wrong side of your good paper.
Inking around the edges of the petals gives a different effect too.
love as always, Gina x x x

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  1. Good idea for the flowers, they look lovely. The Brenda Pinnock papers are great, they go so well. You really should start entering some challenges.