People I love

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

I'm Honoured!

I'd like to say thank you to Lorriane at Lorraines Creations for this lovely award. I feel truly honoured that some one who has only known me for a short time thinks I'm worth knowing.
So, now I have to pass it on to 5 people I think are lovely too!

1. to Wendy at Digital Doodling , who even though she's been poorly lately can't resist working to make us smile.

2. to Sj at Sj's Little Musings , for daring to be different, and always having a lovely smile on her face.

3. to Fabrizio at Fab's Big Christmas Card Challenge , for reminding us Christmas Fun isn't just for Christmas

4. to Fab's friend Vince at Crafty Moments , for his amazing design work (they get shown on T.V. you know)

5. finally to CJ at Stamp'en with CJ , for the image she gave us today that really made my heart sing out loud!

Wow I thought this would be difficult, but now I'm feelin guilty about the people I haven't given it to! Nver mind, catch you all if there's a next time.
Loads of love to eveybody, as always Gina x x x

P.S. For anyone who needs to know, the background paper on my last post is from Joanna Sheens Fantasy Floral cd.


  1. Thank you Gina... it makes my day that you and many others appreciate Digital Doodling. Thank you so much for being a great follower and encourager... it means a lot, Hugs, Wendy M xx

  2. Oh Thank you Gina, bless you heart ! X Fab

  3. A well deserved award. You are always so sweet with your comments and your cards always so beautiful.
    :-) xx