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Monday, 29 March 2010

Pell Offs!??!

This is my attempt at a challenge set by the lovely folks at "Bah !Humbug!" Their challenge is quite straight forward... to use peel off stickers.
Now for some reason many of us crafters run a mile when the words "peel offs" are mentioned, but they can be really useful if your in a hurry. This card took me all of 5minutes. A few scraps of festive paper, a greetings peel off, 5 bauble peel offs stuck onto scraps of paper and cut out, and the border peel offs are actually the waste from a chain link border peel off.
If you think I've used the words "peel off" rather a lot, its my attempt to de-sensatise those who struggle, you know, like stroking a spider when your terrified of them! And if your an avid peel off fan, congratulations! There are some gorgeous outline stickers available these days, not to mention the different alphabets to use on scrapbook pages or to make up your own sentiments.
Well they've all finally left the house so I better get the vac out before I start crafting again;c
Thanks for all your lovely comments on yesterdays card (brilliant joke Stef Hahaha!)
love as always Gina x x x


  1. Hi Gina, lovely card, love your peel offs!! lots of love Steph

  2. this looks fab and i agree you can make a quick card look great using some pretty peel offs just like you have here xx

  3. What a fantastic card Gina those peeloffs are great. It may have only taken 5 minutes but it's gorgeous.

    Thank you so much for joining in our latest challange.


  4. I love this card Gina, the reason most crafters run a mile when peel offs are mentioned is because it's quite hard to make them look "classy" which you've certainly done on this card.
    Come on fellow crafters let's not be afraid of the dreaded peel off lets overcome our fears and use them with pride. :0D

    Vince X

  5. Can't believe you did that in 5 - wow well done you - it's really effective.
    Vince is so right come on everyone 'use them with pride'
    Ann xxx

  6. Fabulous result Gina - thanks for sticking up for the humble peel off by showing that they really can be very versatile and effective.
    Thank you for rising to our Bah! Humbug! challenge this week.