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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Spread a little sunshine as you go by....

Now I don't know the protocol for this, but I was given this award by the lovely Lorraine at Lorraines Creations, without specific instructions on how many I should award. She has kindly given it to all her followers, so I would like to do the same. In fact, at the risk of getting my "wrist slapped" I'd like anyone passing through to take it as well! Thats not to say I don't appreciate those of you that take the time to follow my blog, because I really do!!! But I think everyone is in need of a little extra sunshine at the moment, and if you feel your life is quite full of sunshine right now great, take it anyway, and share it with someone you feel might not have quite enough.
Spreading the Love As Always Gina x x x


  1. well aren't you just the sweetest! thank you. it's always fun to come visit you!

    happy easter.

  2. oops i forgot i think it was 12 sorry huni xx