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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A whole bunch of Flowers for me!!!

I couldn't believe my eyes this morning, I am supposed to be in the garden, but thought I'd check my blog 1st, and what a suprise! 3awards waiting for me! I am truly amazed you all think I'm so worthy, and equally pleased to be able to spread the love!!! Thank you all X X X
I would like the following people to please accept this award from me.... wait a minute 3 awards x 12 = 36 awards...whooa! an Yipee! cos that means I don't have to miss anyone out hahaha! (this is going to take all day!!!)
Start with the easy one, to all the girls at Cowgirl's Up DT
Marion, Jovita, Ang, Andrea, CJ, Diane, Sarah, Beccy, Alison, Kimberley and escecially Rachel who needs a bit of extra sunshine today. Love you gals loads x x x
That's only 11!!!
Long list to follow( in no particular order) so look for your name, and if I missed you I'm sorry!!!
Fabs, Wendy, Stef, Steph, Vince, Ausie Kate, Moon momma, Heidi , Debdoescrafts, Chanelle, Lynne, Hazel, June, Crafty Kitten, Missy B, Doreen, Melita, Kathryn Adamson, Debbie Chantry and Mad About Crafting (and yes I did just work my way through my followers list, because I didn't want to miss anyone) Love you all!!!
That's 31!!!! 5 to go, keep reading it might be you!!!
This is the really hard bit, the last 5 go to........
Jodi, Katherine, Evil Enda, Elegia, and Itkupilli becuase I love you gals too!!!
Loads of love to EVERYBODY!!!!!
as always Gina x x x


  1. you deserve them huni your blog and creations are fab xx

  2. Congrats on the Sunshine award. You really deserve it!

  3. You totally deserve the sunshine award! You post a comment on my blog every day making me smile! You are such a wonderful person and I am honored to be working with you on Cowgirl Up Stamps! Thanks for giving me the award too! I'll add it to my blog today!

  4. You deserve a bunch of flowers everyday Gina, you're always so positive. :-) xx

  5. You're such a sweetie Gina, and totally deserve that award! Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us. :)

    Big hugs!

  6. To our little ray of sunshine!!!! You always manage to make me smile no matter how I feel and you well desrve your awards!! Love your blog and you work Gina and thanks for sharing your award with me!!! Love Chanelle xx

  7. Hey Gena - thanks for my flowers :D You are a sweety xx

  8. you definitely deserve that award!!!! and thank you so much for sharing it with me!!! you are super!

  9. Hi Gina, thank you for the award, I will edit my post, I have this award on my blog for the taking so feel free to take it or just know that your blog is fab and you are always so happy and positive and I really enjoy visiting!! Lots of love Steph

  10. ohhh... gina you're so sweet.. thanks for the flowers, i love you too.