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Monday, 14 June 2010

Angel Poop and so much more!!!

I was just saying to a friend that I hadn't recieved Nina's Party bag yet, when the postman knocked on the door. OH MY GOODNESS!! I couldn't believe how much stuff Nina had packed into her parcel. I counted more than 60 charms n brads!(lost count going oooh and aahh). Thank you so much Nina it's all gorgeous, especially the card and gift bag.
Much love comong your way, as always Gina x x x
Oh, and I found out today I won another Party Bag from the same event, this time from Coldwaters2! Yahoo! And people don't like Mondays hahaha!


  1. wow Gina i can't believe all that came in one parcel lol its all beautiful i know you shall have loads of fun with this lot well done hun you deserve it xx

  2. Oh lucky you as the song goes. This is a very good 2 for 1 (2 prizes 1 blog hop). Happy crafting, I will be looking out for all these charms. :-) xx

  3. Oh wow Gina.....
    Your so right don't know how that all fit in that bag
    Hugs as always