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Monday, 19 July 2010

My Christmas in July

I have a card for today, but I am waiting for stuff to dry before I scan it, so I thought I'd share these pics of the 29 christmas cards I now have thanks to the blog challenges I've been taking part in. All different styles and sizes, too suit all age groups and family connections. Thanks Blogland :D Number 30 is just waiting to dry!!
How many have you got? The year is winding down you know!
Enjoy XXX


  1. I haven't got many Christmas cards yet, I was following Fab's Christmas but got lost along the way. I really must get a move on or it will be last minute as usual. Yours look very professional in the cello bags. Good idea to keep them clean. :-) xx

  2. i've got................ ZERO!!!! wait, that's not true... i have "a few" left from last year. but ur way ahead of me!!!!! sure rub it in!!!!!

    hugs :)

  3. i have made like 1 lol you have been so busy at least you will be able to avoid the december rush xx

  4. Gina - quite a collection! I've got a few, but I also make cards to sell in my mom's craft store so some of my Christmas cards have headed that way.


  5. Wonderful selection of cards Gina, very organised, I've just got to 11 and thought I was doing well lol. Take careX:)

  6. Gosh Gina what a fabulous selection you have here you have a head start on some of us especially me as I have made one so far lol.
    Lorraine x

  7. Oh my! You are so ready for the holidays! I did have quite a few, but I gave them to my grandmother, mom, and aunt to use. Now I'm working on another batch. lol