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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Sad News!!

Well I was shocked this morning to recieve a message from CJ to say she was closing down all her sites.

I don't know the reasons why she has feels she needs to do this, other than she has some health issues, and has been working very hard lately. I, for one, have been EXTREMELY PROUD to be counted among her posse, and have been right from the beginning. I was using CJ's images when she first started up selling through Stitchy Bear! I am going to miss seeing her new creations, and will continue to use them on my cards
I'm sure she would like to thank all those who regularly joined in with our challenges over at Cowgirls Up Challenge Blog.

:( XXX


  1. Gina, what do i hear now?
    This is a unexpected and not happy suprise for me?
    Perhaps we can send her be well soon card or something as posse members? I wunder what is going on....
    I am just as worried as you now...

  2. Hi Gina, thats so sad, its always sad when someone closes a really nice blog. I hope you are ok my friend and thank you so much for your lovely comment about my grandchildrens piccy
    hugs June xxxx

  3. Hello Gina, thank you for you comment on my blog. I was shocked too!!!!
    Hugs to you your Tiggerchen

  4. Its a real shock and a worry isn't it Gina, especially with it being so sudden. I'll miss being on the posse with you and the other girls but will watch out for your beautiful cards
    love and hugs
    Claire xx

  5. I just returned from a vacation and was sooo surprised to hear that CJ closed everything. I too worry about her. This was my very first design team and I was proud to be on it. I want to thank you for helping me with any difficulty that I had.I am now a follower of your blog. Please keep in touch. I will be watching for your special creations. HugsXXX Barbara