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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Art For Artsake1st page(only 13 weeks behind!)

I came across a very cool blog this week called "Art and Sole" , where the amazing Darcy is inspiring people to make an Art Journal. Each week she posts a word+definition for you to use as inspiration for that weeks page.
This is week 14, so I have some serious catching up to do if I want to make the whole 52 pages for 2011!!
This weeks word is "TODAY"
I'm a big believer in "worry about it WHEN it happens, not IF it's going to happen", so I used a lyric from on old folk song as my journalling. Every verse ends with the line "Cares of Tomorrow must wait, til This Day is done!"
I really truly have no desire to rush my life away, I take each day as it comes and enjoy the wonders it brings my way. Each day a new adventure!!
As my old Dad used to say "It'll be rayt!" :D

Stash used; Brenda Pinnock dp(scrunched/ripped/sanded+inked), photo of my youngest chillin', acetate overlay(image from Wendy at Digital Doodles),Tim Holtz grungeboard(heart+arrow), Tim Holtz Distress inks
The paper texts are hand written(could you tell?) on a piece of scrap paper I used to protect my table while inking stuff.

Be Inspired.It's fun to just play sometimes! Enjoy :DXXX

ps I used my Keepsake Bookatrix board to cut out the page shapes, to be bound at the end of the year.


  1. Gina, hello and welcome to the challenge. thankyou so much for coming to my blog and joining in. you are VERY welcome.

    here are all the prompts so far..

    I post the new word on a Monday and try to have my page finished for Friday.

    I will add you to the list on the left side bar of my blog, there is a button you can grab too if you want.

    Fabulous page, i hope you enjoy making the others

  2. hi. you are stalked.
    i am uber glad you're doing the pages.
    i enjoy it,
    which is saying a Lot because
    but i don't bitch about the 52 pages.
    you won't either.

    okay, you might.

    but I don't.
    oh fuckit.


  3. Ya dar wood a been a yorkshire lad then would he?

    us we're derbyshire, but on the northern black peaks border it's harder to tell the difference....and even harder to understand the dialect, I live with an Irishman so accents are an oft source of misunderstanding,

    welome to the 52 page sistah hood,

    love your fist page, and looking ofrward to seeign the other 13 and the rest as you do them...


  4. oh and I too am now stalking you