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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Bit of an ODD day :D

Still playing catch-up, I managed to make 4 odd-sided pages ;S

Page 5 ECOURAGE I am dedicating to Darcy,Doone and Amy, for encouraging me to get "Arty" again :D, while page 7 MILAGE shows how I still see myself after 30 years(Thats me holding my baby sister, who's baby I now look after!!!)

Page 9 FOLLOW I kept V clean n simple, because (being a leader) the decision to follow someone/something else should be that clear cut. You either trust or you don't, doubt or hesitation leads to mistrust.
Page 11 REPLICATE (had to do again cos I used the word duplicate derr) how are you similar/dissimilar to your mother(my mum in the 70's)

Page 15 Puddles is done, but I'm supposed to post it on friday so you'll just have to wait mwahahaha.....

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  1. Oh Wow you have been a busy bee, and now you are ahead of us - I have my puddles plan in my head but not yet put pencil to paper, and since I have a new lecture to deliver on Friday morning and then immediately headed away for a weekend of drunken debauchery I suspect I may be late posting this week,

    I love your art style and your thoughts, So glad you joined us, DO More Art,