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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Last 2 catch-up pages!!

Admittedly the products I use are much faster drying than some of the stuff the others are using, and I don't go out to work so I have more time, but to be honest I think it's because my imagination needed a really good blowout :D

Page 6 Crush: brief but intense infatuation. I struggled a bit with this one, until I decided to make a page about my "secret love". Woooooooo.... I hear you gasp :)
Now nothing has ever come of this "crush", and many of my hubbies work colleagues now about it and tease the poor chap at every opportunity(crush victim, not hubby). In fact, every time hubby meets him(through work), he stares him straight in the eyes, smiles and says "Gina sends her love".
I liken "Him" to Sir Lancelot, with hubby in the role of King Arthur, but instead of Guinevere I play the role of The Lady of Shalot(I was sitting at my window sewing when I used to see him afar). It all makes sense if you read the poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson.
The Lady image is"Star Flower Girl" from A Day for Daises, I wasn't going to use any digi images in this journal, but she was so perfect for this page.

Page 13 FOOLED: Darcy asked what is your fav joke!!!! Very dangerous ground haha! So I picked one that held memories of a great night out, much drinking and silliness. This joke won the evening, as well as getting us thrown out of the pub for being too noisy(those were the days...)
I used Darcy's "heat a babywipe til it screams" method to produce the pink lumpy thing :D

Sigh! Oh for those simple days.... when really(and I mean REALLY!!) bad jokes made you spit your cinzano out hahahaaa!
Enjoy XXX


  1. Your pages are great Gina. Your post made me smile the bit about bad jokes and Cinzano! Have a great weekend Lynne x

  2. i think its fabulous! it's the memories that are the best!

    hugs :)

  3. You are very funny, love to hear jokes.... and Congrats on your silver wedding anniversary!