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Friday, 22 April 2011

Page 16 Nearby

This weeks word for 52 pages 20011 is "NEARBY": What do you "need" to have close to you?

This was an easy one for me. Every where I go (and I have moved house loads due to hubby's work) I build a green space. If there is no soil to plant in, I build raised beds, and fill large pots with any trees and plants I can get my hands on. At one time I was known as the PLF(Plant Liberating Fairy), as I would "acquire" unwanted plants from derelict gardens and skips :). Buckets would be sunk into the available ground to make mini waterholes, and frog spawn collected from the nearest available source(garden ponds NOT natural spawning areas).

Within weeks the local wildlife will find you if you welcome them. Though the house we now live in is quite small, and in the middle of a sprawling city, it has a large back garden. YIPEE!!
I have planted lots of trees, 3 waterholes + a bigger pond full of tadpoles that were actually spawned here, seating areas and veggie patch and more..
Hate housework, Love gardening so "See me smiling :D"
The jam jar and pine tree stamps are by Stamp It Crazy. Grass and dancing lady Clarity stamps(I think)


  1. Your journal pages are fab, love the story behind them and the colours fit perfectly. Have a great weekend. Happy Easter love Lynne xx

  2. this is stunning, I love that jar..that is sooo cool. I am in awe of your dedication to creating a green space.