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Friday, 29 April 2011

A page with Purpose..

This is page 17 of my art journal inspired by 52 Pages for 2011, and I am really enjoying the freedom to create whatever I want for this "self imposed" challenge. Darcy comes up with the most tantalising words to inspire us, and this weeks was no exception :D
PURPOSE , does your life have purpose? Do you plan meticulously, with an attainable goal? Or do you meander through life just hoping for the best?
Honey bees are fantastic creatures. We associate them with warm, lazy summer days, just drifting from flower to flower, humming softly to themselves....

yet there lives are hectic and extremely organised, with one soul purpose. Survival!
I do what I can to help them, planting my garden with appropriate flowers and feeding them honey when the weather "chucks a wobbly".
I see myself as one of these little fighters, living my life running here and there, tending to the swarm(family, and anyone else who needs me at any given moment in time), doing my little waggledance to instruct them on what I hope is the best path for them to take :D
The "honeycomb" background is what you get if you peel the outer paper layer from the little duvets they put in chocolate boxes to protect the choccies :DXXX


  1. Wonderful page, love the texture and the bee theme.

  2. Fabulous page love the colours, depth and the little bee image. Is that a stamp? Have a great weekend. Love and hugs Lynne xx