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Monday, 25 April 2011

Recycled Ribbon Box

Sorry, Loads of pics with this one, but I had to share this wonderful find with you!
Whilst trudging around a car boot sale I found this beautiful "hat box" for just £4!! It measures 12x12x8 inches. Hubby said "what do you need that thing for?" Men....

I NEED it to keep my ribbons in Derr!
I have tried to keep them in tidy packets, but I never used them. Soooo, I emptied them all out int the box and can rummage to my hearts content :D

Then I thought "I should personalise it a bit". Inspired by this weeks Try It On Tuesday Challenge# A bit of Up-cycling!, I added a few fabric Roses to the lid (this will stop me piling things on top)

Then I painted and inked some Tim Holtz Grunge paper letters, and glued them to the box front(so I remember what's in the box)

Only a little alteration required but I'm happy with the result :D

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. As Nicolet says GORGEOUS, great idea to put something 3D on top to stop you putting things on it. I can imagine all the fun you will have rummaging for just the right ribbon. :-) xx

  2. Fantastic box, I can understand how you felt the need to recycle, its a super shape. Thankyou for sharing your 'ribbon box' with us at TioT's.

  3. Brilliant box for the ribbons Gina and what a fantastic bargain you have done a smashing job with the flowers and letters, super work.
    Lorraine x