Wednesday, 8 June 2011

2 for 1 day!!

The 1st image I am posting today is a 4x4 canvas I made using some of the collage goodies Donna sent me this week :D When I opened the packet the metalic fabric was scrunched up and looked like a skull, so this inspired me to make the "Skull Appreciation" piece I should have made for SAD's Skull appreciation day on June 4th (we should always be grateful for natures internal crash helmet!!)
Secondly, I have my journal page for this week. I know I am supposed to post it on Friday, but I uploaded it by mistake, and as I believe everything happens for a reason your getting it today!!!

The word Darcy at 52 Pages gave us this week is PATTERNS, what patterns repeat in your life? Me, I'm a tree planter. The first thing I do when I move house is plant a tree. I literally "put down roots". Then I got to thinking, do I do this through choice, or am I being compelled to do this because of some previous existence???(yes I am a believer in reincarnation). Or could it even be that I am subconsciously (group memory) making recompense for the expulsion from Eden, and am frantically trying to provide a new garden for all?? (Yes I am that deep!!)

Grief!!! Too many long words!! Better get on with entering some challenges :D
Creative Belli# 119 Branches(old forgotten silver cord on blinds)
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. ooh the nicest portraiture is on Skinny peeps who show skull - bald men with good bone structure, deep set yes etc...

    glad you enjoyed the collage pack..


  2. Oh i love both your projects and like me ... we both think way to much :)) (I still think that is a good thing though) Thanks for playing in The Crafty Pad - Stripes Challenge challenge this week.

  3. Fun and lovely creations!