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Friday, 24 June 2011

I know I'm a little cracked.....

But my world still rocks!!
I've been looking forward to this post all week! Just looking for things that made me smile to talk about, made me smile all week ha!
I've really enjoyed looking at the 4x4 canvases by Noah at Skull A Day, and wanted to make a skull image of my own.
Then yesterday there was Darcy's journal, that featured a Zentangle page,mmmmm....? Never tried this technique/art style before, but always a joy to try something different. I combined the 2 inspirations to make an opening page to my art journal.
Now I don't know the rules to" zentangling", but it seems to me like obsessive doodling, with geometric shapes and 60's psychedelia(generally black and white).
I highly recommend having a go, time really flew by and my brain really relaxed.

Here's a close up of the page(and my warped sense of humour)

What really rocked my world this week was the Summer Solstice. I knew I wasn't going to get out of the city to celebrate, but I did get to make some jam(jelly really cos I sieve out the bits), using cherries,blackcurrants and strawberries from my own garden.
I was smiling all over my face yesterday, when I received an invite to my son's school. He is to receive an award for something, I don't care what :D He has aspergers and misses a lot of school when he has bad days(like wednesday, when he sat huddled on the sofa with his head under his jumper just crying), so I can't wait to have some good news about his time in school.
Oow! I really smiled(grinned) twice yesterday, as hubby decided I needed a new phone, and surprised me with one that has a cool camera. in fact he specially asked for one with a cool can edit your photo's on it and everything(note to self; READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!)
And my biggest thank you goes out to all the little birds that visit my garden, and sing and sing all day. It sounds so beautiful, even drowning out the sounds of this busy city :D I have a flock of at least 20 baby sparrows! They hide in my hedge waiting for feeding time :D
So all in all My world really rocks :D
Hope your's does too XXX

and will I was finishing this post, hubby was sitting behind me singing along with Brian Adams "anything I do, I do it for you" (aaaw! see I do have a smushy side :D)

Entered this page for Dezinaworld's FunFriday post :D


  1. Hehehe loveeeeeeeeeeee it lol. fab art, fab humour. thanks for joining in too my friend. Happy friday xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. yeay great news son wise and hooray for jelly. Big hugs xxx

  3. Thank you for joining in that's a fantastic list of gratefuls I love you skull page, I did an art journal page predominantly black and white and got told it was zentangle LOL - it wasn't supposed to be it just ended up that way! Also glad that you got some good 'school' news!

    Making jelly from home grown items is awesome as are beautiful birds tweeting in the garden to lift our spirits! Love it I tell you!

  4. You have a top husband!

    Lovely Rocking list, I enjoyed reading it. Cool Darcy's journal page, lots of fun.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend with your family and the birdies.


  5. hi sorry not commente lately its been caos here i think this is stunning proper arty i love it hun xx

  6. Aaah, how cool is this ?! Just fantastic.

  7. What a FAB list, & I love your zentangle page.

  8. gina!!!! fabulous post! it's all soooooooo happy and that makes me smiley & happy too!

    fabulous card. very different! hugs & kudos to son and r u sending that jelly over here????? just kidding!

    hugs :)

  9. Absolutely brilliant list. We don't get many birdies to our tiny yard but OH keeps budgies in a shed at the bottom of the garden . I love listening to them :D

    Brilliant news on your son!

    I LOVE that journal page - just fabulous :P

    See you Friday - am late, am late but catching up!