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Friday, 17 June 2011

What's Rocking your World??

Virginia, over at Celtic House, runs a post ever friday celebrating everything from the week before that made her smile... I finally got it, and have decided to join her!! What better way to start the weekend than filling your mind with those sometimes brief but highly motivating moments? So here goes....
This week, I am grateful to the following people for making me smile;
my youngest sister, for trusting me with the safekeeping of her precious baby daughter(I love baby sitting:D)
I am thankful for the good news reports daily from my blogging buddy Stef (aka Glitterbabe) on the improving health of her hubby, and some of the wickedest jokes online :D
I am glad in my heart for the existence of The lady of The Dreads, Amy. Her infectious "get stuck in and give it ago" nature is so refreshing :D
To Darcy at Art and Sole, for encouraging me to have ago at art journaling, a fabulous way of expressing yourself, just for yourself. It is certainly making me think about my needs more.

This is page 24 of my journal about me!! I know it seems a bit depressing , but it isn't! I chose to be a "facilitator", it's part of who I am, it's just when I look back at my life I wonder "what if?"
But "if" would have left me without my fabulous youngest son, who at 12years of age makes me laugh and cry on a daily basis....
We live in the city, and just sometimes I have to get out!! So... on wednesday, hubby got home early and we grabbed some sandwiches, picked up sonshine, and headed out of town to sit on the roadside in the peak district above Hathersage and have an impromptu picnic dinner. Yay!! The sun was shining, I felt totally freed and hubby was very relaxed :) ....
Then the sheep arrived....
it had learnt to beg from tourists.....
it wanted my sons "ham " sandwich....
My strapping lump of a 12 year old boy was totally intimidated by a SHEEP...with a LAMB....
He stared at the stared back, without breaking eye contact he passed me the sandwich saying(in a hushed voice) "I don't want this anymore...the sheep wants it....that sheep is evil!!!"
Haven't laughed out loud so much in ages..:D
Needless to say, after 45 minutes of the sheep playing "hidey boo" with him around the car we gave up and went home, but it was definitely the funniest 45 minutes I've ever spent in derbyshire :D

So what's rocking your world this friday? :D XXX


  1. Yay another Rockette recruit ;0) Loving your list - finding the positive is really good for the soul and starts the weekend well so glad to see you xx Janet

  2. ooh... eeevil sheepses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  3. Hello new Rockette :D Doesn't this just make you really find the little gems in your week?

    I love your sheep story - we had a similar experience with a chicken once that wanted my 3 year olds chewits. It chased her all the way back to the car and even tried to get in with us *g* So funny!

  4. I love that idea! I just started a daily thanks on my blog too! Would love you to come see. So glad to have found another positive person on blogger! It's great to laugh and smile about as much as you can! LOVE your journal entry. It is amazing.

  5. Fabulous sheep story, I have a photo of my son,albeit it when he wa much younger, being pinned in a corner by a sheep lol

    Love the page, it does look a little sad, but often there is great beauty in the thhings we find sad. I love the images, would like to know more about them. Are they stamps?

  6. wow Gina, I am even more impressed. I do love the image. Just uploaded my page for this week.

  7. Oh and that made me giggle to boot - wonderful stuff - sheep that intimidate picnickers - genius and wonderful statements from children! I'm glad you 'got' the reason for the post, it's the quiet time of reflection often on difficult weeks or what might be considered 'boring' weeks that we appreciate that there are many things in our weeks that make our lives easier and our hearts lighter!

    Hugs to you and yours


  8. Thanks for sharing your week with us.
    Your journal page looks very interesting.

  9. hi. i think i just peed a little bit when i read that super nice thing you wrote about me.


  10. oh also, you are stuck with me following this blog twice because i am trying to get rid of my old blogger account.

    2 amys.