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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

1st page in my "try it out" book

Well today I got 5minutes to craft, so I decided to use the 1st page of my "try it out" book I made last week.
I love the big eyed girls that Amy makes, and I have been daring myself to do a self portrait. So I thought I'd combine the 2 and see what happened......

I sketched in pencil, then picked my fav lines out with an ink pen (please note this is a very..mmm...stylised self image as in much thinner haha!)
Then I got out my oil pastel crayons (that I've never used but were a great bargain so had to buy...) and tried adding colour

Amy has a free portrait class at Flutterbye called Inside Out, which I deliberately haven't watched yet

But will be doing tomorrow, so watch out for a more acurate picture coming soon :D XXX


  1. !!! I'm learning new stuff in my 'try it out book' too!

    I actually Really Love learning the new stuff, because i sort of get.. stale. So, this is a cool week for both of us.

    My toilet flushes now!


  2. Love your portrait! This is great!