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Friday, 29 July 2011

Fun in the sun :D

Didn't think I had anything to post this week(the 1st 2 weeks of school hols always chaos here), but then I remembered our impromptu trip to Bridlington on sunday :D
Instantly the men folk rushed to the beach, to select the appropriate offerings to submit to the gods of the sea(aka, chucking stones into the water!!! Why do all men do this???)
Meanwhile I noticed a large number of butchered crabs. Doesn't this look like an alien skull?? Am so going to use this for a journal page!!!

Then Chunky Monkey discovered that, if you stand still and stare down at the water rushing passed your feet you feel like your moving........until you get so fall face first into the sea!!! HAHAHA! I didn't get a photo of that bit...was to busy widdling myself laughing hahaha...!

In the afternoon the sun came out .....and Chunky Monkey managed to coax Shorty down to the water(too cool to paddle:S). Isn't it a wonderful moment when you see your youngest get one over on your eldest??? :D

And finally a Family portrait...sun on sand :D
So all in all a wonderful family day out, just messing on the beach :D
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  1. Loving your description - a really fun day out.
    Spooky crab- can't wait to see your LO.
    Hugs xx

  2. You look like you had a fabulous day and you made me giggle at the idea of falling over in the sea because of looking at the rushing water - genius! Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend Hugs!

  3. Darling family pix. Sounds like you had a terrific day at the beach. True artists always see things in a unique have so much talent. What's up with the Creative Cowgirls?

  4. It looks like a great fun day was had by all and Shorty looks very wet, I bet he got his own back. Love the crab it reminds me of the alien thing from predator but with a bad haircut. Hope you have a great weekend. :-) xx

  5. Fabulous and fun !! love this and its years since i went to Brid ... fab post and lots of fun my friend.
    hugs June x :)