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Thursday, 7 July 2011

I am Woman! Hear me Rant!!!

Well I decided today would be the day I "butchered" a book for the first time(and possibly the last). Amy has done a tutorial on Non Linear Diaries, which starts with "butchering " a book to use it's skin......can you tell I have a problem with this practice??
Yep, hubby has to drag me away from places with old books in, I consider them to be long lost treasure, but I was determined to give this project a try, so of I toddled off to the local charity shop, hoping to find a readers digest book(They don't count as real books)....
and came out with these 3, none of which are RD books... Now 1 I consider to be a real treasure... there are words in here that my kids will never hear spoken...
and it was a gift/prize to someone in 1932!!! So it has been treasured for many years, and will continue to be so under my roof!!
The 2nd is a piece of mass produced pap. I have not shown the title as I am sure the author loves it(even though I think it's pap and therefore a viable candidate for butchery)

The 3rd just winds me up big time!!!! I really hate(yes hate) anything that is labelled "for Women" I know that may seem strange, me being a woman and all, but I find it infuriating that in this world we feel the need to specify gender. Now I for one am sick to death of "women" who feel the need to stand on a pedestal made from the bones of men and declare themselves superior in some way....WE KNOW WE'RE SUPERIOR!!!!

Get over yourself ! Definitely had to rip the skin off this one!!! Though I will be keeping the contents as there may be some useful tip in there.
The pages from the pap will be used for collage and background papers...
Gosh! That was far more enjoyable than I could have imagined!!
You just have to choose the right book :D XXX


  1. I agree with you Gina I find it very difficult to use pages from books. It also makes me cry when I see beautiful ledgers with copperplate writing being used as journals, it makes my heart sad to see these pieces of bygone times disappear under paint. My rant is over now and I can't wait to see what you do with the book covers. :-) xx

  2. I have found this much easier with practice lol (ripping books up) I also treasure books and was told never write in them disfigure them in any way so hard at first but it gets easier love to see what you eventually come up with

    Love Dawn xx

  3. That first book is amazing.
    People really don't know about the beautiful, rare books they can find at charity (here we call them thrift - but it's the same thing) shops. I've found some that Never should have been discarded.

    Sometimes, even if i already have 2 copies of a book, if it's truly beautiful or rare, i buy it simply to keep it out of bad hands.

    I love books.

    One day, seriously, I am going to open a rare book store.
    No, i'm not kidding.
    I've been collecting rare books for decades and i Treasure them.

    But that one that you gutted, rubbish!

    Good for you for taking it down and putting it out of it's misery.

    nice clean removal too.


  4. you rant well! these are fabulous finds! i'd keep the 1st one too. would break my heart to "tear it apart".

    i'm with ya on the women crap too. WE ARE THE STRONGER, SMARTER, PRETTIER, BETTER MULTI-TASKER and JACK OF ALL TRADES of the species. just let a man try having a baby!!!!! we then would NOT have a population explosion for sure!

    hugs sunshine!