Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Meet the Husband!!!

This piece is purely for this weeks HDH Macabre Mondays Challenge#97 Loathsome Lotharios

I have again used the "trace from your own photo" method to create my main image, this time using a photo of hubby at a halloween do :D Cute huh!
Printed out on cheap copy paper, and coloured with markers. The dp is from Crafters Companions Fairyopolis cd.
Now this piece should make you think "eeoooow! I wouldn't want to meet him on a dark night!"..................but I sooooo would!! MWAHAhahahahah ;)


  1. typical man.... blood thirsty!!! LOL

    what a super idea and fabulous card!!!

    hugs :)

  2. Midnight in the old churchyard, who could resist? :P Another fab creation Gina, I love how you've made the image from a photo :D Thanks for playing along again!

  3. you have a handsome husband too, don't you?

    i like the way my manperson looks also.

    it's nice to know that other people actually like their manpeople.

    okay, i really mostly like my manperson when he's away - out of town and such,
    but i like to look at him, and i wouldn't have wanted to raise our spawn with anyone else.


  4. also, my use of 'our' in 'our spawn' makes it seem like you and I have spawn, rather than my manperson and i.
    so, those spawn that i raised with the manperson, they were his and mine.
    you, presumably have your own.

    i need tea.


  5. Firstly, LOVE your card. That's HOT! So Edward gone bad. Not that I'm cyber-cracking onto your depiction of your manperson. But HOT!
    Secondly, Amy seems like a hilarious friend to have. LOVE her comments above and using ofuckit in one word has just made my top list of words for the week.
    Thirdly, Congrats on your win over at Macabre for your Kustom Kaskets! Wooooo!!! So deserved. You are an awesome creator! xx

  6. Blogger is a bugger for not updating websites of 'other' origin until about two days after the event..., eventually my website does appears on blogger updates, it's best to use the direct rss feed (if you wanna),
    or you can follow me on face book if you wish - just send me a friend invite... or just come over when you want and see what's happening ...

    I still haven't caught up with everyone's 52 pages yet so I'm a lag behind visitor at the moment....

    you husband looks v. cool

    kinda - So I Bite, So What? Come here and be bitten...


  7. How cool - thanks for the big smile on my face :D