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Friday, 22 July 2011

Rocking my week!

First, catching this scheduled post, and finishing it, before it uploaded haha!
Don't you just LUUUUURVE the last week of school??? No idea what day it is most of the time, and then Chunky Monkey wants "to make his own cards" for 3 teachers with 24 hours notice!!!
He did a fabulous job colouring the images, but I didn't get chance to take pics.
Monday started well, with Darcy choosing the word COMMUNITY....
Years ago we lived near a little village in derbyshire called Great Longstone, and the people there welcomed us from day one, treating us like family, and letting us be part of their wonderfully friendly community...... We will be forever grateful to them for all the love they still share with us :D
The photo is me and some of the other mums "absailing" to raise charity money :D
The next thing I really enjoyed this week was collecting little pressies to send to a friend in america. She sounded sad at the beginning of the week, and the thought of making her smile powered my week.(Yes, I am russhing and forgot to rotate the piiy :S)
I wrapped all the bits in girlie pink papers, which I am sure she will find a use for :D
Had a fantastic time going to the Craft Fair at Doncaster, where I bought these scrummy popperswhich are soooo much more interesting than the tacky plastic buttons that were already on my rainbow jacket :)
They say scrummy things like " forever friends" and" Funny face"

Those are the things Rocking my world this week...what's rocking yours??


  1. Great post Gina, the page looks fantastic and I love the way you have torn the picture to a heart shape it works really well with the journalling. :-) xx

  2. Fab buttons Gina, i can see i would love that rainbow Jacket. Love your scrap page too, it looks like you have a wonderful community
    Ohhhhh and if you get chance go and grab my freebies at Dezinaworld and join in the fun if you want too.Have a great weekend
    hugs June x

  3. Beautiful list, those poppers are gorgeous can't wait to see them on the jacket! I soooo know that thought of last minute teacher gifts but we did it girl so we can breathe easy and wTG you for thinking of others I'm sure your friend will love all the little gifts!

    Have a beautiful and blessed weekend



  4. Hi Gina, well done for getting those teacher cards done - don't you love it when kids land you with stuff like that (especially when you asked them weeks ago if they'd like to do something like that, and then having said no for ages decide yes at the last minute, grrrr!).
    'Community' is lovely - it must must have been hard moving away from there.
    Those poppers are gorgeous, I love the Life's Journey range.
    What a sweet friend you are to send some smiles and a hug over to America. That will definitely make her day.

    Have a great weekend,


  5. ooo what fab buttons, they are going to look cool on your jacket.

    Great takeon the page, I must say I found this one hard I have never lived in a close knit community...i swear I really should have thought these words out before choosing them back in january lol

    I hope you taped some of your hair into Amys package..apparently I did, and my parcel to her arrived with red hair attached under the parcel tape hahaha

  6. well these are all nice ROCKS to your world! fab-u-lous!

    hugs :)

  7. !!!!!
    amy is My name and i saw it on the envelope!!!!



    Exclamation points!

    i'm really excited!!!!

    (and wouldn't it be fucked up of me to leave this comment if Another Amy had a shitty week and was like, 'oh, that's Me!')

  8. Fabulous list (yeah, yeah I know I'm late *g*) I love your poppers and the story about your fabulous community - i hope we have a similar time with our new neighbours!