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Friday, 26 August 2011

New Furniture on the cheap!

Now I know some people feel funny about "second-hand" furniture, using everything from "bedbugs" to "they might have come from a dead persons house!!" as reasons not to buy. But I am big on recycling, and that includes furniture, afterall, if they are labelled as "antiques" no one worries about who owned it before!!!
I tend to go on the smell.......if it smells ok it probably is ok :)
So, desperate for a proper table to sit at, I chucked out a seriously damaged sofa and made room....then toddled off(dragged hubby) down to the British Heart Foundation charity shop at Crystal Peaks shopping centre, and found these.....

4 stonking chairs (broad seats for broad bums).....

with a matching, chunky hardwood table.........

a little "yellowy for me, but nothing a couple of coats of varnish can't change. And it opens up bigger!!!!
And your never going to guess how much it was priced up at........£150....table AND chairs!!!!!
"NO WAY!!!" I hear you shriek, but gets better..."that set has just been reduced to HALF PRICE!!! So it's now only £75!!!!!!!!!!" Somebody stop me SQUUUEEEEEAAAALL!!!!!!!
Similar sets online retail at around £1000!!
So it's got a few bumps and bruises, it will have a lot more before my family has finished with it haha!

Now I turn around and spot this dresser base....rough pine, narrow, 8 draws...ideal for Shorty's narrow room.....£70!!!!
I know my MIL will freak over "second-hand" stuff in the bedroom.....but grief...whats the point of paying humungous amounts of cash for stuff your kids(and hubby) are going to chuck car keys and fizzy pop all over?
My house is a home, and homes get messy(I must have the happiest home on the planet:S)
So this is the thing that Rocked my week the most...what about yours?
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  1. Gina...WTG on the bargains!! Loving that dresser and those chairs look sooooo comfortable. You done good girl!
    Hugs xx
    p.s. Our house must be laughing a lot too! lol

  2. Brilliant Gina, what great bargains! I agree with you, too many things are made to be thrown away nowadays, I have a regular chunter about electrical items which give up the ghost after 12 months and it's cheaper to buy new than to repair -what a waste! The dining set looks fab and love the dresser, perfect! K x

  3. Loving the bargains Gina - the table and chairs are gorgeous I like the big seat element too! I also love the unit for DS bedroom, I'm all for recycling and saving money to boot, my Mum runs a Charity shop and I've had quite a few fabulous purchases from there over the time!

    Hope your weekend continues to be absolutely fabulous sweetie!


  4. Hi Gina. What wonderful buys and great bargains too!. I agree nothing wrong with 2nd hand. Have a great weekend, lets hope the weather cheers up. Love the new look blog. Hugs Lynne xx

  5. Bargain! Love the skinny table. Good on you. I agree, living is for living therefore furniture should be lived on.

  6. what's that in american $$$$? it's beautiful. love the dresser!

    i want to go shopping with you!

    hugs :)

  7. Love your special purchases. The table and chairs are perfect. Our Home Depot has some special product for staining wood. I also like the dresser base. Did it come with drawers too. My Deal: 2 office desks were on the side of the main road marked free. Now the new director of our local YWCA did not have a desk! Mentioned it and the next thing I knew, I was picking it up with a friend and his truck. However, I could not even lift the corner of it. Along came 2 big burly men and helped us?? into the truck. These men truly were angels out of nowhere they just came to help:) The desk did not even need refinishing!! She loves it. Now to look for an elegant lamp.... I love visiting your blog, Gina.

  8. OOps just reread my post...the men help put the desk into the truck, not us!!!

  9. I ADORE second hand furniture and actively look for it in charity shops etc. I can't imagine what the problem is - it's no different from antiques after all, and I like the idea that something has had a life before coming to me. And if it's got bumps and bruises all the better, because then you don't worry if someone accidentally dents it. You've got some brilliant bargains there - well done you.

    2 FAB reasons for Rocking this week.