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Monday, 3 October 2011

Sharing the past

This is the second time I've typed all this so bear with me, blogger signed me out as I published last time and Didn't Save!!!!!

This week at The Butterfly Effect they are asking for Faces/Portraits, and Amy has very kindly given us the Wiki definition, which we may choose to follow or totally disagree with/ ignore if we wish....nice one Amy!!!
I disagree that the sitter should be looking directly at the artist/camera to show their true mood. In fact, I think you get a better representation of a persons mood when they forget you are watching them(but I've always been sneeky that way mwahahaha)
I've done lots of self portraits recently, so today I thought I'd share some of my earliest work(the first 2 were literally school homework), all 4B pencil on paper....

My Mother: drawn when I was 14

Sister reading: same year(1977ish)

The Boyfriend: Now Hubby, he was just 18 and I was 19 (1982)

Baby Boy: Sketched while Shorty was napping aged 6 weeks(1990, I was 27)

And this is a photo I took as Shorty was leaving for uni (1st time) aged 19, with Chunky monkey aged 10 and Meg aged 9.(not adding my age to that one, you'll have to work it out yourselves :S)

Hope you enjoyed that little trip through my past :D XXX


  1. I like taking photos when people don't see me taking it, too. :) Great portraits and a lovely family you have there. :)

  2. Great work Gina, the shading says it all. :-) xx

  3. Beautiful pictures, I really like your mother, trans allows something special. Greetings.

  4. Here from Butterfly effect....great sketches! Love the ones of Shorty as an infant :)

  5. Fantastic pieces, your are really talented.

  6. looove sister reading. beautiful work all the way around!

  7. great portraits, love the baby especially!