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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Painting Angels !

So today I have been desperate to get some art done (problems with youngest at school :(), as it is my main source of relaxation at the moment.

Yesterday I was inspired by Dawn's Post at Journal Journeys, which was it self inspired by a lady called Cheryl Irwin(who is probably the sweetest person on the planet!!), and who has made a video on how she paints Angels/Godesses :D Nice lady :D

So,....I'm saying that quite a lot lately aren't I...I did me some exercise, had a nice refreshing shower, light an incense stick and chilled.....before choosing a blank canvas and selecting colours to work with.
Being a stressed out Werewolf...and the full moon being quite energy levels are hot and fiery and through the roof!!! So my (said it again:S) colours are strong and fiery too.
I'm using my soluble wax crayons to work this piece, as I don't have the stuff Cheryl used, but thought these would give a similarly loose/free feel to the image.
Still the background looks a bit tense!! While waiting (didn't say "so" :D) for the background to dry I had a practice at sketching my Guardian Angel.
You know I'm a bit weird right...well I don't see my angel as being female like most people do.. he is called David..cos he told me he is OK.
And he is polished crystal..and has iridescent dragonfly wings.
When the base was dry(heat gun, got bored) I lightly sketched the image in pencil...
then started adding layers of white and pale blue wax crayon, which I then blended with water...
No proper outlining, just suggestions with a darker crayon(I used the purple from the sky)
some orange and yellow to the wings to try and make them appear more transparent....
The wings still look a little heavy to me, but I'm calling this a work in progress :D
(and yes I know he hasn't got any bits, He's an angel...he doesn't need them!)
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. I love your Guardian Angel (even if he hasn't got any bits!! lol).
    Hugs xx

  2. I like the beautiful angel with wings of dragonfly.