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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Yay! 3 more journal pages for Darcy..and a poem what I wrote :D

Still on catch up with my art journal pages for Darcy's 52 Pages Challenge, so here goes with the next 3 :D

Page 31: Compromise
I have chosen to stop compromising with my life, after all, none of us knows how long we have got. Don't keep putting of til tomorrow what YOU want to do today!!!
Page 32: Discover (what did you learn at school)
I learnt that I am very good at "reading " people :D If I choose to call you friend, believe I truly mean it :D
Page 35: Wilderness
This dp made me think of swirling icy winds. Possibly Arctic/Antarctic, possibly depths of space. But then I added a bit of coloured pencil as it started to speak to me of the vast emptiness of sky, filled with the spectacular wildness of the Northern lights :D
For all 3 pages I used some free papers I got from Magpies Nest, cutesy of Inspiration Avenue (just added a hint of colour to the blue and white swirl)

The next page I need to work on is called "Author", which reminded me of this poetry book I made a few years back
And I thought I'd share one I wrote about this time of year, while making Christmas gifts. I think most of you have someone you could read this too :D

Yuletide Joy

I screwed up my eyes
and snuggled in bed,
to dream of the heroes from books that I've read.

Of hiding from Dragons
in caves that are dark,
or drifting through meadows to the song of a lark.

Warm, balmy evening
walking on sand,
while my heart skips a beat
as he's holding my hand.

In ballroom and sparkle
I twirl and I dance,
just hoping he'll spare me
one soft, sultry glance.

Sat in a station
the train I will miss,
as he's bending towards me....
I wake as we kiss.

But I'm glad that I've woken.
My dreams all came true.
I won't pine for a stranger....
My hero is you!

Enjoy :D XXX



  1. schmoogly hugs and kisser kisser.

    because i just seriously love you.

  2. Delightfully charming these compositions and a beautiful poem.

  3. i think i better get on the scrapbooking bandwagon - ya think? after all, i do have a gorgeous granddaughter! i may just give it a try.

    this is stunning and i just love that poem!

    hugs :)

  4. Great pages Gina and beautiful poem. Have a great weekend. :-) xx

  5. Three more great pages, your book will be a wonderful treasure.

  6. Hello sweetie, the pages are fabulous I too am on catch up think I'm stuck on direction LOL but without a scrapping table (literally) at the moment! Loving the poem beautiful

  7. His hero am I? I love to feel part of that beautiful poem.