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Monday, 19 December 2011

Playing with paper dolls

This week at The Butterfly Effect, Andrea chose the theme of Paper Dolls :D
Over at The Graphics Fairy there are many free downloadable paper doll images(I've had these for over a year :D) to play with.
You probably have a printer that will take card, I don't, so I had to print on paper then glue onto card before cutting out.
Aren't they just the rosiest cheeks??? :D
I added a piece of card to the back so they could stand up....
The brunette had several outfits, while the blonde only has one...
Big hair!!!
I felt just making the dolls was a bit lazy, so I created 2 quick backgrounds in my altered stuff book...
One end of the page is a school room....
(Turn book over) and the other is a play room....

Hope you enjoyed this bit of fun, it sure brought back some memories for me :D Having boys, I never got to teach them how to do these.....not the same with dinosaurs and tank engines :D

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  1. i was a big paper doll fan as a child. i would make their clothes (or draw them) but NEVER attempted a back-drop. see? i saved it for you! absolutely fabulous!

    hugs :)

  2. they are so cute. I love them standing in the class room :-) As A child I play with these paper dolls with my younger sister. That was so much fun. We have LEGO, so we build them rooms to live in ;-)

  3. Delicious creations of these sweet girls and the colors are exquisite, a beautiful and great work with beautiful scenery. Greetings.

  4. :) i love paper dolls :) these are supercute.

    this was a lame comment. i think i'm just being lazy today.

  5. Such a great imagination! They will love the rooms you created, and are probably getting up to no good as soon as you go to bed. :o) xxDonna

  6. Hi Gina, these paper dollies are adorable. I did not know that The Graphic Fairy had these. They remind me of the Campbell Soup kids. Do you have Campbell Soup in your area? The background that you made for them is so cute. My granddaughter would just cherish these. I will have to make her some...after the doll dresses she requested. She just asked me if I would make her dolly dresses before she was too big!! (She is 6!) Guess I better get cracking...after the holidays. Have a wonderful holiday season. Hugs

  7. What cuties! :)) And you made them go to school. :)) Love the background scenes.

  8. So fantastic, reminds me of my childhood

  9. This takes me back a lot of years. My great grandmother had a box with paper dolls in it. They were really old! But I'd play with them every Saturday. She always told me they'd be mine after she died, but I never did get them. Lesson learned, never wait till after your death to give something to your children/grandchildren.