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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Smashin' a book with STEve :D

And by STEve I am referring to the delightful Amy McDonald(it is her current fav name :D)
Yesterday she held a free online class making a spiral bound book using her stash of scrapbook papers(visit her blog HERE to see results and link to recorded class)

I started mine by recycling a butchered book cover...
then I sat and stroked my fav doublesided K&Co Blossomwood paper pad....
before cutting to size.....(oooow..that hurt...)
But they do look gorgeous bound together :D
Had to look away as I cut this piece in half....but I was using my trimmer(thanks to which lady it was for the pressure advice) so it was quick.
Now the inside was full of scrummie papers, but the outside!!!!!
So I did some paper weaving with the off cuts....
and made a panel for the front cover, sealed with some sparkly christmas tape I had lying around from last year(xmas 2010)
and just because I couldn't bare to throw away the off cuts from the offcuts, I used them to make page tabs :D
I still have to add pockets and stuff to the pages, but that will be cool as I get to stroke the papers each time *stroke, stroke*, and I will be using my cuttlebug to add some embossed pieces.....just couldn't use it for laughing last night lol :D

And what was hubby doing while I cringed and cried as I cut into those papers.....
He fell asleep....playing with his magna doodle...bless :D
and they complain that we treat them like children hahahaha...... :D XXX



  1. it turned out great Gina!

  2. Oooooh fab, wonder what you are gonna fill it with???
    luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

  3. You are amazing, I know I say it all the time, but seriously. The way you revive things is truly magical.

    And your hubby looks adorable. Don't they look like kissable angels when they sleep?

  4. omg.
    the magnadoodle.

    oshit that is so funny!

    Your book is so beautiful. I know what you mean about cutting the papers - but i guess i'd rather use them than let them just sit there being pretty :)

    travis pointed out something about the BIA.
    it really could use suction feet on the bottom.

    like the cusslebug.


  5. Hahahaahahahaha! Does he know you took that pic? OR that you BLOGGED it? Hahaha! Priceless.

    As for the book. Oh my word. Those papers are lush. The book is gorgeous. I may have drooled a little into my keyboard.

  6. Hehee love that piccy, bless him :)
    Great work on the book and i adore that paper weaved cover
    hugs June x

  7. Beautiful designs, I love the interlacing.

  8. How cool - seems to become a wonderful project.

  9. Has Macho Magna Doodle man seen this post... TOO CUTE!!!!! Love that book too, ohh & STEve, STEve rocks :)

  10. Oh Gina! You're full of great ideas! I wasn't really gonna do the smash book but now you put the book cover in the play. I'm intrigued now! :) I understand you painn while you were cutting those papers. It's something I need to prepare myself before I actually do it. Maybe I'll meditate a few days. :)))

  11. Ok, the cover is super cool, love the papers and your tabs {I so get that} but the star of the show is really your hubby and his magnadoodle. Priceless!

  12. OOOO .. those papers are delicious! Love the woven cover. Had a friend make me a small woven cover out of TH word tickets - also very cool for a little gift. The inside cover is indeed awesome. You stroke those pages all you want - they deserve it. Your hubby? simply darling shot! xoDonna

  13. You've been tagged:

  14. The nest and the bird with the branches of the tree is really lovely.

  15. Love your book. I feel your pain about cutting up those papers. I'm trying to get over that and use up my pretty stuff.