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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Bottom draw find....

One Facebook group I've joined recently "Saving it for Best...", is prompting us to use stash we have hoarded for over 3 months. This month they have suggested a tube of paint or spray ink that you've never used. I knew I had some Oil paints....some as old as 1980's, and found them in the bottom draw, in a plastic bag....

one tube had leaked and was stuck to the bag :S...
but the rest were in perfect condition *hangs head in shame* .
and they still work!!! I know they take ages to dry on canvas, but didn't think they would be usable after all this time lol :D

Not having used oils before I started with just black, as shown by Jay Theviking, and roughed out a face...
but I fancied using some colours, and opened ultramarine and burnt umber too(well I do like to jump in with both wellies)...
so then I NEEDED to open the titanium white, to blend with...
but his nose ended up Really a quick rework and...

I'm quite pleased with this WIP (cos oil paint takes forever to dry so I can fiddle/experiment some more at a later date)

So this "oily dude" is my face no9 for 29 Faces in February :D XXX


  1. What a lucky find! Love the WIP - have fun "fiddling" with him!
    Hugs xx

  2. nice idea so use old stash...the face turned out real how you fix the nose, looks like it were never smaller, good job :-)

  3. You are very brave trying oils, i never do them. It's looking wonderful though!

  4. Oh, i meant to say how much i love your last post with your fairy, it's amazing! I love fairies!

  5. Gina I have oil paints from when I was still at college. They still look fine to me. I may give them a go soon, thanks for reminding me lol..more stuff to do. The face is great I can see you are going to do more oil paintings. Just don' put them in the microwave!

  6. can see your blog just fine. your latest post is no9 faces. check for backup status. it is probably still available to you good luck

    1. Thanks Cynthia, it's sorted know :D

  7. It was oils that started me off into the world of art back in the 70's, I studied it in college but wouldn't go back to them now. Love your face in oils though.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  8. LOVE it!!! Love that you should th e whole process too. I wouldn't have been able to hold back either...I'm a dive in and sink or swim kind of gal :0)