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Friday, 24 February 2012

Lady Ophelia and the pretty birds

Week 08 of Darcy's postcard Challenge finds us in CUBA

Cuba February 1895. The revolutionary forces under Jose Marti are poised to wage war against Spanish Rule, whilst at the same time resisting becoming part of the American States. Marti, now officially the Delegate for the Cuban Revolutionary Party, is heading in from Florida with a small army and supplies to help the struggle, but the wealth of sugar and tobacco manufacture is proving a strong incentive to both Spain and America to try and hold on to this land.

"My Dear Miss Lillian,
Please do not be cross with me. I really did not mean to cause offence. I could not bear it if both Richard and yourself were to be disappointed in me.
I can barely get my breath the trip to Cuba was so fast. Do you recall my mention of a Mr Jose Marti when we were in Spain? Well it seems he is cause for concern yet again. He is in the southern states of America, raising an army to fuel the revolution against Spanish Rule.
Well anyway, Richard did not have time to be properly cross with me in Wales, so that was good, and he has bought me a lovely new ensemble more suited to traveling than my silks and taffetas.
There are an amazing number of birds here with the most gorgeous plumes. Would make lovely hat decorations.

Yours affectionately
Effie XXX

Miss Lillian is tired from helping out at the local cottage hospital, which is over run with pneumonia and bronchial disorders...not to mention severe cases of frostbite and hypothermia.

"My Darling Effie,
I too ask your forgiveness for my sharp words. Let us say no more about that unfortunate incident.
The current inclement weather here is finally giving way to Spring, though heaven knows what horrors we will find now the roads are passable once more. I fear many lives are still to be lost due to the illnesses brought on by the intense cold. I am glad to my very soul that you find yourself in warmer terrains once again, away from this wretchedness.
How sensible of Sir Richard to buy you more practical clothing, as he seems set on dragging you from one war zone to another. Oh, and there are two L's in "travelling".
Fear not sweet child for I am certain, like myself, Sir Richard could not stay cross with you for long. Your innocence of the darker side of humanity is a refreshing spring to us all.

Your ever loving Governess
Miss Lillian xxx"

The pictures on my page show an image of Lady's fashion from 1895, an American silver dollar dated 1895, a group of Cuban Revolutionaries from February 1895 and a Trogon the national bird of Cuba.
The flower is a White Mariposa aka Butterfly Jasmine, the Cuban national flower :D
Enjoy XXX


  1. Aww, all is well again. :) Gorgeous postcard and book page is just perfect. :)

  2. Such a lovely flower again! ♥
    And I did see travelling, finally found it!!! :)

  3. Had missed the missing l in travelling! Love your little puzzles to see what the governess points out! Beautiful card once again.

  4. I need to catch up On the last 2 weeks but my child has my computer and I am on my iPod which is to small and slow to keep scrolling back (but I will). I am currently damning the cold weather to as I seem to have spent the whole of February moving from one thing to another after 6 months of being healthy! Ms Lillian has my full sympathies for a slightly crabby nature ;)

  5. Lovely postcard! I love the flower! Loving your story too!

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    Janet xx

  7. Oh everyone is being much nicer this week. Thank goodness. I did worry about our poor girl. Mind you, nothing much seems to dent her spirits and she always sees the bright things. Delightful girl.

  8. Perfect pages and postcards. I love my little taste of history each week
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

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  17. Gina, wonderful, I love the old coins, the beautiful flower and how you make all the researches for the countries...and surely I have awarded you too :-)

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    fantastic melange of Cubism!

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    Jen x

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