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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Baaaad Dog!

This week's theme at The Butterfly Effect is "RED". So I thought, easy peasy, I'll just choose page in my Tyvek Journal and...
paint it red :D Looked at for a while, couldn't see anything. Couldn't see Red Riding Hood anywhere....
then I turned the page and...baaad wolf appeared :D
all snarly and foaming with rage...started scrubing on colour with a dry stubby brush...
But it was all a bit cartoony for my taste...
so I got some white acrylic and a sea sponge and obliterated it. Then it looked better, and I added some splatters of red ink...and it looked much better. Even the title began to show itself...
I picked out the word "Dog", which seemed so clear to me and added the word "BAAAD"
Cos this dude really is "seeing red" :D XXX


  1. Loved how you pulled him out. :) Great distressing as well.

  2. I am just loving the fairy tale that came with this page, guess it is that big kid inside me ;). Oh and ofcourse it is you that won there is only one lovely Gina, witch or not ha ha! Cast a good spell on me Gina!!!!!
    PS missing the postcard challenge and hoping to be back soon life has been too mad just lately. I ll be catching up on your story soon.

  3. Wow! Just awesome. Creatively done.

  4. i hope he didn't eat your birthday cake!!! LOL.
    this is different! nice.
    glad you're card FINALLY arrived. and to think i sent it like march 1st. sheesh. you never know with the post anymore!

    enjoy the sunshine.

    hugs :)

    1. You sent it 27th Feb!!! lol :D

  5. A nice final texture, I like this dog's mouth with cream.

  6. Gina, I love your creativity!!! You are amazing! I really mean that! I love how you get to your finished pieces!! Bravo!!

  7. Fabulous painting, your bad dog looks great.

  8. So fabulous when you 'find' things isn't it. A 'great find' too and you did him justice. xodonna

  9. Wuuaaaaa great to see how he appears and become alive and give itself a name, hihi I am totally in Love with your pulled art ♥ !!