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Monday, 26 March 2012


Week 4 of 13 Goddesses Challenge, and I would like to introduce GAIA, primordial Mother Goddess of the Greeks.(according to my loving offspring..."she reminds me of you mum...I don't mean fat or anything...but she does.")

Gaia is the happy mother Goddess, wife to the sky God. She likes reproducing...a lot!!
Some of her offspring became tired of their mother's wanton behaviour, she said it was hubbies fault...
and provided her whiny offspring with a grey flint sickle with which to castrate their father(nice:S)
It is said that the offending items fell into the ocean, and the semen contained within caused Aphrodite to be born...
I am getting the impression that primordial parenting leaves much to be desired lol :D
My Greek Goddess GAIA :D XXX


  1. Another fabulous goddess...I'd actually heard of her but not all the details.....a very different type of parenting indeed.
    Hugs xx

  2. Wow - fantastic goddess picture!

  3. This is wonderful! I love her hair, full lips and full figure plus "Motherly" and compassionate eyes. Very cool how you've made her holding in balance the Titans and Gods of Olympus.

  4. What a wonderful Goddess! She totally expresses her being a mother Goddess! Great job!

  5. You've painted a wonderful goddess.

  6. I think she is great! She does look motherly ;o) I love her face and full figure ;o) And, I love how you set up your entire painting, with her holding the Titans and Gods of Olympus! Very cool!

  7. Love Her. To me Gaia is our Sacred Mother Earth ... your have done a fabulous job.

    Happiness to all.

  8. Wonderful, I love you do lainterpretaciĆ³n of this goddess.

  9. ooooooooooo i so wish my boobs looked like that. for some reason they literally POINT to my knees! sheesh.

    son & DIL are separated and when they can afford an atty will file for divorce. he does have a GF whom i just adore. if it's meant to be, she'll be there no matter where he lives. he's gonna have a time with some rules & regs but hey! i'm the mom here and IT'S MY HOUSE! we shall see. i'm not anticipating any problems. he's a good son.

    hugs :)

    1. Thought that was the case with your son. Hope everything runs smoothly for him :D

  10. She is great! Love the beauty and energy in this art! Totally awesome! :D

  11. With those full breasts and rosy cheeks, I would probably like to reproduce a lot too. She is ripe and beautiful, Gina.

  12. Delicious tribute, no doubt Gaia is nature that feeds us. Greetings.

  13. Oooh la la, a luscious goddess! But she better watch out for that scythe or whatever over her head. Don't get the gods angry!

  14. Amazing art as always Gina and a great story line too.
    hugs ~brenda~ xox

  15. I love how you've been created from a piece of the agenda.