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Thursday, 1 March 2012

I'm Hopping mad ...for Spring :D

The lovely Dawn has re-started her Journal Journey's challenge today, and the opening prompt just had to be SPRING :D
Being a "Mad March Hare" myself, this is the image I always see at the start of spiral Hare totem :D
I've started putting the finished piece up first, so if you don't want to dredge through the layers with me that's cool!
Watched Tee Thompson of Green Isles Crafts make a book cover last night, and it inspired me to do the "many layers of paint" thing for my page :D

Layer #1 blob some paint on your page and smoosh! Let it dry(with hair-dryer if impatient)
Layer #2 Dabbed on another colour with natural sponge, not too much pressure or you just smoosh again. Let it dry.
Layer #3 take a pencil and write all over the page. Something inspirational is good, I went for the lyrics to "Oh what a beautiful morning..." think it's from Oklahoma the musical(I sing it to my garden)
Layer the time honoured tradition of mixed media...cover all that loveliness with white acrylic, and wipe off as much as you can !!! I used kitchen paper and cellophane to get texture as I lifted off the white :D
While that was drying, I decided I wanted to stencil my next layer. I have lots of stencils, but wanted a band of butterflies down my page, so I grabbed my peel off waste...
Layer #5 stick peel off waste to page and daub paint over it. The sponge sticks cost about £1 from the kiddie craft section.
peel off peel off and VOILĂ€ ! a butterfly border :D I deliberately put thicker paint at the bottom and faded up the page (honest :S)
I did the same on the opposite page, just using the waste from a flower selection instead of butterflies.
Now it was time to add my Hare. A quick sketch directly onto the page, drawn over with a green inktense pencil, and the spiral coloured with a white Stabillo All pencil.
I picked out a few words from the sub-text, "beautiful/golden/meadow/my" and finished with ANTICIPATION
Still looked a bit flat Layer#6 added glitter to the Hare and the highlighted page elements, and stamped all over with teeny flowers and TH Distress ink "worn Lipstick"
Close-ups of stamping and glitter :D
And's SPRING!!! Your allowed to get down and dirty in the garden! Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Wonderful! I love all the different layers...perhaps I should get messy with my paints too.
    Hugs xx

  2. Oh lovely page sweetie, great layers - I love it!

  3. Beautiful page!!! The background is fabulous!!

    1. Thanks :D Am looking forward to joining in your 13 Goddesses challenge :D

  4. Love these pages, the way the hare is staring into the distance makes me think of the coming year and all it holds. :-) xx

    1. Cool! That's the effect I was hoping for :D

  5. Love the butterfly stencil.
    Enjoy the end of the week.
    hugs {brenda xox

  6. Beautiful work, I love your anticipation of the spring. Greetings.

  7. i LOVE spring and this book is gonna ROCK!

    hugs :)

  8. I loved looking at all the layers and how you created your spread. I love your bunny and this is a fabby spring page. Thanx for joining in with me. Love Dawn from Journal Journey's xx

  9. Great stencil idea! The Whole spread looks very fun and springy!

  10. I totally love the tiny flowers and the greeny-hope-hare with its glittery mane. He looks so powerful to me with its joyful anticipation... can´t wait for all the green leaves and blossoms to come out :-)))

  11. So wonderful, I'm waiting for spring, too.

  12. I *love* the hare!!! what a great idea to use the peel off sheet as a stencil. never crossed my mind DOH!!!



  13. hee hee looks like you had a lovely time with your paints!!!! This is gorgeous my lovely and a brilliant idea to use peel off waste as a stencil! x