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Friday, 30 March 2012

Project in progress

I know I've been MIG this week (missing in garden :D), so today I was determined to do a little arting :D
Last night I watched Tee Thompson's live class, and it inspired me to start a new project. My son is studying "The Lady of Shalott" in English is one of my all time fav poems, each verse is an artists dream of inspiration. So I thought "why not make a painting/journal page of each verse?"(there are 19 verses!!!)
This is going to be the Title page :D

Collage substrata + white acrylic paint...
...quick sketch to place features...
...inktense pencils to colour background and set features, and brown acrylic for hair...
...building layers of pencil and acrylic...
...white acrylic stamped to form border, black fine line pen to add detail to eyes and doodle climbing plant...
Close up of eyes...
...and showing patterned paper sub layer showing through.
I am linking this WIP to Paint Party Friday :D XXX


  1. She's wonderful! Love the progress pics too, I am always impressed when someone is able to take the time to do them! I'm sure the rest of the verses will be wonderful as well. Looking forward to seeing them. Happy PPF!

  2. I really love seeing your process. She is looking beautiful. Happy PPF!

  3. I am always impressed with your art and how you show the process in which you create! Fantastic my friend ;o)

  4. Lovely piece, you have many things going on there too! And i appreciate your comment on my post.... I think of the mandalas as spiritual as well!

  5. This is beautiful--love the blue cast and the floral pattern background. I also love that it was inspired by that poem--have you ever heard the Lady of Shalott song by Loreena McKennitt?

    1. is how I learned about the poem in the first place :D We have all heard OF the poem, but never got the chance to read it :D...I also love Loreena's voice :D

  6. Thank you for sharing this lovely piece. Happy PPF and enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  7. This is lovely - I especially like the depth of feeling added by the blue shadows.

    Caitlyn (ladyphlogiston)

  8. Great WIP! Love seeing the process documented through your photos, too!

    And LOVE your phrase WIG!! :)
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  9. Hi Gina, I just love your new art piece. Thanks for sharing the creative process. I am so impressed with your journey in art collage. What a beautiful job you did.

  10. Love the idea of the poem as inspiration, and really love seeing your process. The face is so good.

  11. This is a wonderful idea! I'm a big poetry fan..:) Great title page too.
    Hugs xx

  12. these mysterious eyes :) wonderful Lady of Shalott!

  13. So nice Gina,great inspiration too!

  14. Lovely, looking very sad, very nice. Greetings.

  15. She looks really a bit sad, but the eyes are wonderful.

  16. hey ! thanks for leaving a comment on my blog ! I love your style !
    hugs from France !

  17. I like the layers here!!! HPPF!

  18. You do inspire me Gina, i love how you use colour and i love the expression and eyes. excellent work my friend
    hugs June x

  19. What a genius idea. You have set my mind spinning about doing a painting for each verse. You are off to a great start.

  20. How very cool - what a way to learn a poem more thoroughly too. Great start!

    And MIG - how apt! Must remember that acronym! Too early for me to be MIG yet but it will happen.