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Monday, 23 April 2012


This week at 13 Goddesses out prompt is ROMAN, and I have chosen CYBELE.

She is another Mother Goddess, associated with mountains, lions and hawks.
She was not originally a Roman Goddess, but was assimilated from Phrygia(modern day Turkey) via the Greeks.
She is also a Goddess of walls and buildings, and was called upon by the Romans when they felt their own gods were failing them...
Cybele is often represented as having the body of a lion and the legs of a hawk, and carries a Cornucopia.
Can't be a Goddess of Plenty and not have a big bosom lol :D
Had a bit of a mishap when sealing the under layers with fixative. New can, new make, different reaction. Nothing ever reacted with the Newton and Windsor, but with the Daler and Rowney the pen lines bled??!
And it smells like I'm going to have to ditch that £12 can and get some more Newton ...which didn't have a strong smell at all :S

My Roman Goddess CYBELE


  1. Interesting facts there Gina and I love your picture of Cybele.
    Had to laugh at the "ample" bosom!!
    Hugs xx

  2. Gorgeous! Your goddesses always look so powerful. :)

  3. So informative! :) She looks so strong and powerful, yet still feminine...must be the ample bosom. You can't see bleeding lines in the photos.

  4. A strong and masculine lady, perhaps a body builder too? Wouldn't want to mess with her. Love the richness of your painting.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  5. Brendy is right, she looks like a strong and maculine lady.

  6. Great Goddess, and the hawk looks wonderful. I love the glow of her hair. :-) xx

  7. I like this delicious interpretation of Cybele.

  8. What fabulous hawk and cornucopia!!!! She's amazing!!

  9. Gina, I love her! She looks very powerful and strong ;o) I am sorry about what happened with the fixative! Not good!

  10. now she is very pretty and her boobs aren't THAT big!!!!

    love your cheesecake comment. actually i gave 1/2 the cake to my neighbors. hey! i don't want to get any fatter by myself!!!!

    hugs :)

  11. Wow! Such talent! Such detail! Very nice! What is the medium/material that you use, if I might ask? Is it pastels (the chalk stuff?)

    I'm not familiar with very many methods other than charcoal, fine marker, oil pastels, various paints (acrylic, enamel, water paint and oil). (Not saying I can create with these, LOL, I just know how they are supposed to work)

    1. Hi Polly, This piece is mostly cheap water colours(one of those little tin trays we had as kids, £2.99 from the works) with some gold metallic acrylic to highlight. Though the page is prepped with a thin layer of white gesso first. :D

  12. I live in an area loaded with hawks ... such strong hunting birds ... Cybele ... another wonderful aspect of the Divine Feminine. Love your painting of Her. Thanks for sharing.

    Love and Light to all.

  13. Gina, ChipIn should let you add any amount... The first "chipper" was able to put 5. When the page opens, on the left you can read " description". You can add the amount there.
    Thank you so much, dear!!! :)

  14. ThiS is great, very time i come here and see your goddesses i wish i had played along, but there's only soooo much time nd i can't stop doing mandalas right now! Thanks for the stories behind your goddesses as well!