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Monday, 9 April 2012


Week 6 of the 13 Goddesses challenge, introducing IUSAASET, primordial goddess of ancient Egypt.

she is the original mother goddess, known as the Grandmother of all Deities, and is said to have watched over the birth of her grandchildren.
She is associated with the Acacia tree(also known as the tree of life). The oldest known acacia is in Egypt near Heliopolis, and this is reputedly the birth place of the gods.
Iusaaset is the wife of Atum, and had two children by him called Shu and Tefnut. Other stories say Shu and Tefnut were born from the right eye of Atum, and do not mention Iusaaset! While in other versions Iusaaset is described as the "Eye of Ra" (Atum- Ra)...
joining a few dots shows that Iusaaset was not actually written out, just that interpretations differ...Shu and Tefnut were born from the Eye of Atum-Ra, who is Iusaaset :D
I know that isn't very scientific, but it does make sense, so it works for me :D

My Egyptian Goddess IUSAASET :D XXX


  1. WOW!! Amazing!! I didn't know this Goddess. Looking for more info! :))

    1. I think I tracked back parental lineage from Isis on Wiki :D

  2. Amazing info..and another goddess I didn't know. Great picture too.
    Hugs xx

  3. That's fantastic Gina! :) Great job on the goddess.

  4. Another amazing Goddess Gina! Like Simona, I have never heard of this Goddess before! Well done!