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Friday, 13 April 2012

Lady Ophelia catches her breath.

No history lessons today as playing catch up, sorry :)

Week 14 SINGAPORE: The Vanda Miss Joaquim orchid

"Dear Miss Lillian,
Thank you so much for continuing to guide me. I would have created such an awful "Faux par" over the "Armenian" mix up had you not clarified. We are now visiting Singapore, where the Armenian community are in much better straits.
Richard recieved an invitation to play cricket with the local team of the Royal Engineers Regiment. I must tell you , he looked quite dashing in his whites, and proved most energetic in his use of the bat. We then recieved an invite to Tiffin at a private Gentleman's Club, by which I mean Richard did. So miss Francesca and I spent the afternoon with the sister of some of Richard's associates, to whom I was delivering papers on Richards behalf. They are a wealthy Armenian family called Joaquim. The sister, Miss Agnes, grows the most exquisite orchids. She has just developed a new species called the "Vanda", and has kindly given me a plant to send to you.

Yours affectionately, Effie XXX"
"My darling Effie,
so glad to still be of help to you. Miss Agnes sounds a most agreeable woman, I wait in anticipation for the arrival of such a delicate addition to my ever-growing collection. I will heat the glass house in preparation.
It should come as no surprise to you that Sir Richard is a first class cricketer. Most Gentlemen are. Were the Royal Engineers his old regiment?
Not sure how I feel about a Lady such as yourself being used as a messenger boy! Though it did lead you to Miss Joaquim, so I suppose it was a serendipitous event.
As you have not stated otherwise, I will assume you are all in good health.

Your ever-loving Governess,
Miss Lillian xxx

p.s. recEIved "
Images on page; invitation to Tiffin from 1895,
photo of Miss Agnes Joaquim,
photo of Lt.Frederick Guggisberg R.E. Cricket Club 1895,
village in Singapore circa 1890's
Week 15 ICELAND: The Mountain Avens
" Dear Miss Lillian,
Such a dramatic change of climate! Fortunately Richard has "kitted me out" as he calls it, with the latest design in tweed. Perfect for this cold and baron place.
Richard has to take some message from the Foreign Secretary to the Icelandic Fisheries people, apparently our modern ships are catching more fish than theirs.
We visited the main printing office in Rekjavik, and met a nice Scotsman by the name of James Ferguson. He is trying to get up a national football team. What is this fascination with football? It seems to be spreading wherever we go!
The houses are few and far between, so the women form little collectives to help each other out. Richard has been asked to speak to a group this evening, discussing women's right to vote.
Personally, I 'd rather have the right to a new hat.

Yours affectionately, Effie XXX"
Can you see the steam coming out of Miss Lillian's ears???

"My darling Effie,
Tut, Tut, to you! There are many women who do not have the luxury of a rich husband to provide support as you do. Should they not have a voice when it comes to policy making? Are we so dim witted, that our little "girlie" brains would explode if we had to concern ourselves with more than making babies or bread? The Ladies of the Suffragette Movement are to be applauded, NOT MOCKED!
I will say no more on this matter for now, other than you only have one head, how many hats does it need?

Miss Lillian

p.s. You really should show more respect for the lives of the people you are fortunate enough to be visiting, their city is spelled Reykjavik."

On my page; The Isafold printing company Reykjavik(where Mr Ferguson worked),
The Holl, a classic icelandic house from the 1890's.
Mr James Ferguson,
The Icelandic Women's Association form 1895, who petitioned for woman's rights,
and an image from an 1895 Ladies clothing catalogue

Sorry for the break, normal service will resume this week :D XXX


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