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Friday, 27 April 2012

Lady Ophelia gets a spanking!

Darcy's Postcard Challenge, week 17, takes us to NORWAY.

Norway is famous for it's achievements in the sport of Skiing. In 1892 a competition was begun, which continues to this day at the town of Holmenkollen near Oslo. In 1895 a medal was created, and the 1st ever recipient was a Norwegian soldier called Viktor Thorn.
It was in 1895 that Edvard Munch exhibited his most iconic image "The Scream"

The national flower of Norway is Heather :D
"My dearest Miss Lillian.
I am SO sorry if my previous message offended you in any way. Richard was very cross with me for the way I spoke to you. In fact, if it had not been for the timely intervention of Miss Francesca, I swear he would have spanked me. He says he expects his wife to act with more respect for even the poorest of people, and especially to someone like yourself, who has devoted their life to the "betterment" of others.
I explained that you were the one who taught me to be an independent thinker, and that I consider you my friend and confidant. I have never thought of you as a servant. PEASE forgive me if I have caused you any distress.
Oh, I am writing from Norway, which is a bit like Scotland, only more so.

Yours apologetically, and with much love, Ophelia xxx

p.s. Is it wrong that I found the thought Richard spanking me a little exciting?"

"My darling Ophelia,
You are growing up in so many ways. Thank you for your concern. I was a little bit hurt by the apparent curtness of your last p.s. , but am old enough to realise that the written word does not always portray the emotional intent correctly. If you bear this in mind, you should not go far wrong.
Please assure your husband that I too have raised you to show respect to others, and that you should always feel free to confide in me. A woman needs other women to help her be strong, just as men need the company of other men. As a military man, I am sure he will understand.
As to the "spanking" issue, I repeat. you are growing up in so many ways. Though I would advise caution, due to your delicate condition.

Your ever faithful friend, Lillian xxx"

Images on my page:
A poster from the Holmenkollen Ski Festival (late 1800's)
A medal from the same festival(early 1900's)
One version of Edvard Munch's "the Scream"
Kirsten Flagstad, famous Norwegian saprano as "Brunnhilde", born 1895.

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Lovely delicate postcard. The relationship between the two ladies is wonderful, I love reading their exchanges. Spanking eh!
    Jen x

  2. I love reading your posts Gina and the way you use words and imagery to depict what you want to say.
    Have a great Friday.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  3. Love your card, beautiful colours and your envie is wonderful, I'd forgotten about the image of The Scream.
    I'l have to go and see what I missed last week!! what have your charcaters been up to??! M

  4. It's wonderful. & no a bit o'spanking could be thought of a exciting ... lol

  5. Oh, man! Lets spank him! :)) I love your book page. I still have no idea what to put on my postcard. :) Maybe a nekid gnome. :)

  6. Great postcard (as always) and good to see Ophelia growing up!
    Hugs xx

  7. Heather as the national flower, who would have thought of that? I really would put those under plants, one I really, really love by the way! :)
    Hm, spanking as excitement over a century ago? Never a dull moment with you, I guess! :)
    Great card and chapter in your story! ♥

  8. Lovely postcard in gentle hues. Great travel page with super images. A military man and spanking!?..... The narrative hots up!

    Janet xx

  9. Oh my, Ophelia - you wild woman! Your card is wonderful this week. I love the composition and the colors. Great job!

  10. Gorgeous cards and fascinating letters!!!!
    you are good!!!!!!!!

  11. lovely cards, soft colours.good read as well."spanking" mmm...

  12. ooooo a bit of kink!!! hahahaha

    love the heather, I adore seeing it over the moors.

  13. Ooh, Ophelia, you naughty girl!!

    "....Norway, like Scotland only more so"!!!! Hahahahaha!

    Great card and lovely page for it to sit on.


  14. Delicious pictures about Norway, with the famous "Scream".

  15. Wonderful card, oh my goodness a spanking.

  16. I love the spanking! LOL! Great images ;o) Have a terrific day ;o)

  17. Yea someone did include Munch's Scream- I thought of using it but thought a lot of people would do it. love the images selected

  18. Go Ophelia… you little nymph! Fab card with so many Norwegian favourites.

  19. wonderful I love your norway page! today we spoke about doing a holiday in norway, hihi.... but really I you ask is way too cold for me to get the relaxed holiday feeling :))

  20. I used Edvard Munch on my card too- just one of his lesser known paintings (posted a week late). I am reading back though your posts to find out WHEN Ophelia announced her pregnancy! haha.