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Friday, 20 April 2012

Lady Ophelia...all grown up?

So disappointed this week, as I would love to have been able to do a whole "Effie meets count Dracula" piece as Darcy's Postcard Challenge takes us to ROMANIA.
 Bram Stoker didn't actually publish his most famous novel until 1897, though the Victorians were certainly well into the Gothic scene by then :D
Romania had historically been a very war torn country, but at the time my characters are visiting, 1895, Romania was at peace, and was experiencing a boom in it's oil industry.

The national flower of Romania, the Dog Rose
"My dear Miss Lillian,
Oh My Goodness! You would not believe the week we have had in Romania. Richard had to attend some stuffy event for the Oil Industry to show off it's new refinery, so Miss Francesca and I did a little sight-seeing. We found this most amazing fairy-tale castle, and were invited to stay, and attend a masked ball the following evening. Of course I had to clear this with Richard, who graciously accepted.
Well, the costumes were supplied by our host, who turned out to be KING CAROL! He looked most dashing in his military regalia ( as did Richard), but my costume was extremely....."different", and had it not been for Miss Francesca and my maid, I would never have worked out how to wear it. Do you know, we could not find a single mirror in the whole place!
Our room was that of a previous owner, Vlad somebody. I can not say that I share his taste, very dark. A few mirrors would at least reflect the candle light!
Yours affectionately, 
Ophelia xxx

p.s. I feel the need to remind you that I am a married woman now, and am entitled to my own opinions, political or otherwise."

" My dear Ophelia,
You are quite right to remind me. I find it very difficult to see you as anything other than the sweet little rosy-cheeked baby I have known since your birth. I should also remember, that I am, or rather was, only an employee of your family, and should not presume to tell you what you should think or do.
As to your visit to Bran Castle, the "Vlad", you refer to was none other than Vlad III, also known as "the impaler". A most disagreeable character from Romanian history, and to think, you were sleeping in his bed!
Miss Lillian"

Though Miss Lillian's reply may seem quite curt, she is secretly proud of her little charge. If she is gaining the courage to stand up to her old governess, then she should far well in adult life. Though one does suspect Miss Francesca may just be encouraging her rebellion a little :D
(the image of lady in bat costume is from The Graphics Fairy)

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. What a fantastic story !!! Glad that Ophelia is coming in to her own. A xx

  2. Woohoo!! Love this episode and the way Ophelia is growing up!
    Great artwork too.
    Hugs xx

  3. Oh yes, sh is entitled! :) And no mirror? That's torture. :) Love your postcard!

  4. Great story this week and a beautiful postcard and page.
    Jen x

  5. Love all three entries this week, GIna. Well done!


  6. Beautiful soft flowers ... wait I think I can smell 'em

    yumm sweet

  7. That Vlad was a nasty piece of work. I'm glad Effie didn't know too much about him - would have given the poor love nightmares!

  8. Hi, Gina. I had to start here to get my flower fix for the week! It is lovely and your card is great. Have a nice weekend. K

  9. Effie's getting ready for being a mom and the head of the household. So cute! ;)
    This weeks flower feels like a field flower, like a weed. Oh, I don't know, we can't expect crazy intricate flowers for every country can we? :)
    It's not your drawing, it's lovely!!! ♥

  10. Wonderful, yet again! Fancy sleeping in Vlad's bed - ooh er missus! Love the bat dress, a very nice touch.

    Janet xx

  11. Lovely work, and so glad to learn that married women are allowed to have their own opinions - hope some men take notice of it! Valerie

  12. How DOES a vampire get dressed and check his appearance? I can't do it. haha!
    I am not a fan of vampires, but I do like Ophelia's costume. She is still such an innocent (even when she stamps her delicate little foot and stands up for herself) and that's why I like her!

  13. what a great postcard. beautiful flowers.and a good read, excellent...

  14. Love the addition to the story. No mirror's how frightful!

  15. Of course, flowers!!!
    Lovely card!

  16. Great card and story. Cheers

  17. Another wonderful postcard and great story behind.

  18. aww lovely rose. I laughed at the lack of mirrors lol

  19. Excellent!! I love reading what you write Gina ;o) The Dog Rose is so beautiful ;o) Have a great day!

  20. love the roses and your story around like always ♥

  21. I love the exchange. Nothing better for the soul, than a pair of women with guts ;-)

    Talking about guts, have you read Karen Essex's Dracula in Love?

  22. I really enjoy the relationship between these two women :o) I hope Effie left the castle unscathed......

  23. Your story is turning out so well. Look forward to it each week. Lovely rose on your card as well.

  24. I love the subtlety that you got to draw the Dog Rose on the envelope.