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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

...and so it begins...

First of all I would like to wish everyone a Blessed Beltane :D
 This is the pagan celebration of High Spring, and the joining of the Great Lady with the Lord of the Green Woods. A time of joyous celebration and looking to the future and summer...Yay!!!
And with true perfect timing, it is also the start of Ayala's new challenge 29 Faces for May :D. I am combining this challenge with The Butterfly Effect's "Heroes" challenge.

My first face is of the archetypal "hero". strong nosed, rugged jawed, gentle eyed....and always clean shaven lol

Shelle is hosting this prompt, and has set a few questions for us, regarding our "Super hero" qualities :D

1. What Super Power would you posses?
I would want the power to turn things into chocolate!

2. What's your costume of choice?
Fluffy bunny ears ...and a mask with whiskers

3. Do you have/want a sidekick? 
Chick-a dee...(can you see where this is going?)

4. What's your weakness?
Church Fetes and car boot sales

5. You a lover or a loner?
Derrrr! Hello!!! I'm a Rabbit!!!!

6. Do you have a secret identity/ordinary life to juggle?
Yes, for most of the time I am a slightly eccentric Hare

7. Being a hero can make you enemies - who's/what's yours?
Willie Wonka...he doesn't like me giving chocolate away for free!

8. What's your motto or catchphrase?
HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!! Here have some more chocolate eggs :D

So there you have 1 of 29 Faces for May. A lot of my sketches this time will be tinted charcoal and/or pencil, though that's not to say I won't be throwing in a few paintings and journal pages too :D

Off to prepare something nice for dinner...I think of this festival as a sort of wedding anniversary(cos you don't want to know how C**P ours ends up if we try to celebrate on the actual date!!!), so nummy food and a glass of something sparkly me thinks, and a cuddle with my Hero :D
Blessed Be :D XXX


  1. Nice sketch, I look forward to seeing more. And your super hero power … too funny!

  2. I love how you have been the face of the superhero, if mine is nose is strong and great!

  3. Love that chin and that frown. He's ready to conquer the world and something... anything!

  4. Lol! Great answers, Gina! :) Love your hero dude, as well.

  5. So cool, great drawing, love the eyes.

  6. Great sketch and a fun list of superhero powers.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. enjoy your glass of sparkly.

  7. Send your hero over here but first turn him into chocolate please! Gorgeous yummy face. Have a lovely evening and I ll be back tomorrow to see your next face x

  8. he's great, very serious looking.

  9. Great answers, Ms. easter bunny! And Combining challenges is the way to go! The only way to get to thEm all! And i have no idea why some of the letters in my comments get capitalized and it won't let me change that, wierd!

    1. Lol Andrea :D If you think random capitals is a problem you should have my bro's phone. It keeps adding the word "kilkl" randomly when he text people!!!! :D

  10. He is a mysterious and sexy hero! Love your answers to the questions ;o) Happy Beltane ;o)

  11. He certainly is a manly hero!!! :0) Your answers are great....I've always thought of the Easter Bunny as a Chocolate Hero!!

  12. Handsome devil! I want to meet him! Happy Beltane to you too! Pagan celebrations were ever the best before some other religions renamed them all! I celebrate wondrous nature with you!

  13. Very heroic! Good beginning to both challenges!

  14. He looks like Capt. America!! :))

  15. Oh, You have very fine drawing. Your Hero is very serious as the Hero must do.

  16. Your hero is super - rather serious so I think he needs a jolly good TICKLE!!

  17. OMG I am so thinking of you in those bunny ears, turning everything into chocolate sounds tasty but dangerous, looks like your dashing hero may be about to race you to the car boot sales he he, lover or loner LOL, you make me chuckle babe :)

  18. nice strong face. I've never drawn a man's face before. Adding that to my challenge list.

  19. (: your hero looks like my manslave(:
    i love him