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Friday, 4 May 2012

Lady Ophelia feels the earth move :D

Face no. 4 for 29 Faces for May
Megan :D

Week 18 in Darcy's Postcard Challenge, takes us to NEW ZEALAND.
Though there is some small dispute, the KOWHAI(sophors microphylla) is generally considered the floral emblem for New Zealand. other candidates are the Crimson Puhtukawa of the Northern island and the Silver Fern :D

" Dearest lillian,
What an amazing place this land of New Zealand is. The native people are so beautiful. We are visiting with His Excellency, Governor Boyle. Being a retired Naval Commander, he and Richard are having a fabulous time discussing passed battles. He showed me a lovely painting of his mother Mary, and pretended not to notice when I giggled as I read her name...Elphinstone - Dalrymple...sounds like a character from one of those Norwegian fables. We were also introduced to the Native King Tawaiho. A most imposing figure, he looked like a true work of art, and a very wise man.
Richard decided I should learn to ride a bicycle. Well, you can imagine Miss Francesca's reaction to this, but I thought I might as well give it a try, as the scenery here is so awe inspiring. Richard laughed because I wobbled so much, and refused to believe me when I said it was because I could feel the ground moving under the wheels.
So glad you are not working for the family any more. It is so lovely to be able to speak to each other as equals.
Affectionately yours
Lady Ophelia Pendleton xxx

p.s. ignore the "Lady Pendleton" part, just practicing to see what it looks like" 
" My darling LADY Ophelia,
Good for you, learning to ride a bicycle. It is a skill I have never managed myself. Maybe you would take the time to teach me when you return home? And it is quite possible that the ground WAS moving, as New Zealand is well known for it's earth tremors.
The native people are known as "Maori", and I agree, they have a most beautiful and gentle countenance
I can not believe it is May already. It does not seem 5 minutes since you were sitting in the library at your studies.
Do you know when your baby is due dear? And at what point you will be returning home?
I do so miss your cheery smile.
Your devoted friend
Lillian xxx

p.s. I had to try it out too, "Lady Pendleton" does look and sound rather fine."
images on my page are;
Governor Boyle,
 2 Maori girls circa 1895,
 Cyclists in Auckland 1895,
a harnessed horse race,
King Tawaiho,
and a lady called Minnie Dean, who was the only woman ever to be executed in New Zealand. she was convicted and sentenced to death in 1895 for child murder, though people are to this day fighting to clear her name. She reportedly went through the whole process with great humility, and went calmly to the gallows, her only words being "I am innocent". 

enjoy :D XXX



  1. FIRSTLY... everytime I visit you my head sings the Monkees song... Daydream Believer' & I ain't never been a home-coming queen (well I don't 'think' I have) anyway so it's like you have blog music ... but it's silent music (just in my head)... YES I JUST HAD A FRIDAY GLASS OF BUBBLES... so hard being ahead of the rest of the world, you can just look stupid because you are checking posts at cocktail time when others are soberly eating their breakkie... ;)
    I love your face... especially the hair... it's cool!
    The postcards... I always learn something, this was the Lindy Chamberlain of NZ :( Oh my :( That poor woman Minnie Dean, I bet she was innocent, I love this postcard... actually I love NZ people don't realise (outside of earthquakes) it is pretty close to paradise, I didn't 'til I went, it's freaking AWESOME (actually we only did South Island) but I'd go back in an instant... a batch at Port Jackson... crap that place is beautiful... don't get me started about doubtful Sounds... like it is visually the most beautiful & mystical place in the world (& no that's NOT just the bubbles talkin')... Great Post :)

  2. Great episode of your the postcard and face #4.
    Fascinating facts too.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. Have you seen the film "The Conspirator" - it's on Sky @ the moment...I think you'd enjoy's based on a true story that I knew nothing about.

  3. Beautiful sketch for your postcard and, as always, a remarkable story. Love to see photos of the people Lady Ophelia meets. Wonderful.

    Janet xx

  4. Great postcard and love your face if you know what I mean! Valerie

  5. I enjoy reading these letters the women write to each other. :) Beautiful postcard. It really caught my eye. And of course another stunning face. :)

  6. Beautiful face...beautiful flowers...Well done, all, Gina!

  7. Lovely face,she looks thoughtful.

  8. here by way of Darcy's Postcard challenge Love it <3 & the Face too .... I will being doing my Face #4 sometime or other today. <3

  9. Your flowers, as always, are lovely. I was wondering when Lady Ophelia is due as well. Great images for your page. Enjoy your weekend, Gina!

  10. Wow Gina, i was not planning to go to NZ today! it was great! Beautiful face too, thanks for sharing!

  11. fabulous are well ahead, I havent even started my face for today.

    Beautiful flowers as has she gone all posh, being a 'Lady' now lol

  12. Great face! Nice reading what you have written. Few weeks back, I actually felt earth moving because we had just experienced a slight tremor. It felt like sitting in a boat bobbing in the water!!

  13. I always enjoy this correspondence. Ophelia pregnant? I must have missed a card somewhere! Maybe she shouldn't be riding bicycles now that she is in the "family way". :)

    1. Weeks 10 and 11 Nathalie :D Click on label"Darcy's Postcard Challenge" under post to see back issues :D

  14. beautiful flowers again.. always a good read your blog, enjoy popping over every week....

  15. Love reading the continuing story of Lady Ophelia. I always learn something when I stop by.

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  17. Megan is really sweet! You do eyes so well Gina! And, I love your stories that go along with the postcards and the history too! I bet that poor lady was innocent! Take Care ;o)

  18. Lovely painting on your postcard and such an interesting page. Love the letters too.
    Jen x

  19. Love your impressions of NZ, beauitful Kowhai and your page is fab! M

  20. What's all this about pregnancy? I missed out last week.... time to go back and catch up! You must give Ophelia my congratulations!

    Tell her to keep trying with the bicycle. It's as easy as .... riding a bike!

  21. What a lovely creature, I want to touch her hair and learn what she dreams about.

  22. Beautiful postcard, and I really like the page you made for it to sit on.

    Beautiful face too :o)

  23. your art is amazing - very rich in emotional
    in fact the entire blog - the concept is delight.

  24. oh my goodness. I was going to comment on the kowhai which is a very good likeness. And then I saw Minnie Dean mentioned. I have been obsessed with her since I first heard of her when I was 14!