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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Magical moments...

Face no.10 of my 29 Faces for May
Now this was going to be the piece of art to give away on 18th of May for Amy's "All Together Now" post...but I just couldn't give it to anyone other than her mum and dad...sorry :)

Base layer of tissue paper and chunks of water colour paper, coated in white gesso with circles marked in it for texture.
Blended acrylics and quick pencil sketch...
Started painting her with dark hair and brown eyes...but it wasn't working for me as I know her eyes are blue...
So I painted the face out with white gesso and re sketched her features.
As soon as I coloured her eyes blue she came to life :)...
Building layers with pencils and watercolours and acrylics, Lightening her hair and darkening the background...
and her eyes started to shine with amazement...
I love this finished piece!
 The original photo was taken as we walked through the woods one day. It was soooo quiet as it was still quite cold, so even the birds were silent...until we came to a fork in the path, and a crow started cawing. 
"Wa sit?" came the question in hushed tones...a sound we took for granted, was pure magic to this little girls ears, as she stared into the trees trying to spot where the sound was coming from. For the rest of the morning, her little eyes darted from tree to tree as she started to notice the tiny birds flitting silently around us, and my heart was filled with joy as I saw the love of nature growing in the newest generation of my family :D
Blessed Be :D XXX


  1. She is perfect and you've painted her as such. This is one of my favorite pieces by you. And your description of the moment the picture was taken... wow, I could hear the crows.

    Daddy got a great birthday!

  2. I love those delicious blue eyes and rich texture. Greetings.

  3. Oh Gina

    I'm loving her eyes - they are gorgeous - like saucers to the soul!

  4. Beautiful Gina - fantastic eyes.
    Hugs xx

  5. Her eyes shines like stars!! wonderful and I love the frame so much!

  6. Simply beautiful! And the texture is so nice!

  7. Oh, what a sweetheart! :) Love her!

  8. omg! those are the most gorgeous blue eyes i've ever seen! this is beautiful.

    good thing STRESSED is DESSERTS backwards because i've been eating alot of cookies lately - LOL - just kidding.

    i went to my pastor yesterday and this is how it went...

    him: wow. i'm surprised to see me.
    me: i came to ask you to bless the gun i'm gonna shoot myself with .... after this week.
    him: oh you're hilarious. i may use that at prayer service.

    needless to say, the only thing lost is the sound on my tv. fortunately i have another tv in the bedroom and the insurance will cover at least 1/2 for a new one in the family room. not much of a tv watcher anyway, but hey... when i want it and it's NOT available.... i miss it.

    hugs :)

  9. She is a darling! How priceless! Beautiful!

  10. So precious. Such magical eyes, and a lovely story. I welled up! xx