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Monday, 7 May 2012


Face no.7 of 29 Faces for May,
 for the 13 Goddesses Challenge, we are featuring SUMERIAN Goddesses, many of which are directly associated with the original Babylonian Goddesses. NAMMU is the Sumerian version of TIAMAT, the primordial life giving Goddess who is most often described as a sea serpent. 
Nammu is credited as the instigator of the human race, as she woke her lazy son Enki, and gave him the job of making mankind.
The symbol on her fore head is the cuniform  description of  her name, which translates as "Dragon"(assuming I copied the right bit lol)
I usually give my Goddesses golden circlets to signify their "majesty", but they don't feel right on dragons, so I gave her golden horns and eyes instead :D
She is also sometimes described as wearing a necklace made from dragons teeth/claws, and I thought a "stormy" atmosphere suited her best....
and I splattered some white paint to add sea spray :D

So there she is, my Sumerian Goddess, NAMMU
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Gina, she is Amazing! I love especially her horns! You rendered her perfectly!

  2. wow she looks a bit scary with her ears and her orange eyes... but I love her twisted horns ;)

  3. She is fantastic! So cool! So wicked! Love her Gina!!!! Well done ;o)